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Harlequin Desire #22B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45784-4
November 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Boston, Massachusetts – Present Day

Ten months ago, Tatum Haas was profoundly shocked and embarrassed when her fiancé suddenly died in bed with another woman—on the night before they were to marry. Of course, it provided for some titillating gossip in the media and her family thinks that she should get over it and forget what happened. Tatum works in her father’s company, and he assigns a new account to her. Motorcycle executive Bran Holleran’s company is about to come out with a new motorcycle, and he wants the Haas company to invest in it. Sparks are soon flying between Bran and Tatum.

Bran is in partnership with Tatum’s best friend’s husband, so he is well aware of her past. The people around her either treat her as though she is made of glass or tell her to move on. It can’t be easy to find out your fiancé was living a lie. The identity of the woman who made the 911 call from the illicit lovers’ hotel room is a mystery and Tatum feels like she can’t move on until she finds out who he was cheating on her with. In this tale, it is finally revealed near the end. Meanwhile, Bran and Tatum grow closer, and soon they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. However, her father may put a wrench in their relationship if he finds out his daughter is bedding a client. 

Readers will feel Tatum’s pain as AN OFF-LIMITS MERGER opens. She wants to move on, but not knowing the name of the woman who was sleeping with her fiancé has her in a vacuum. Meanwhile, her sister, Mia, is partly supportive and partly her competitor. Their father takes the motorcycle case from Mia and gives it to Tatum. Of course, Mia isn’t happy. This proves important later in this tale when Mia causes trouble. Bran is drawn to Tatum and like many people, treats her with respect, but the sparks between them can’t be ignored. Most of AN OFF-LIMITS MERGER is their getting to know each other to the point that readers will want them to find happiness together. 

Tatum also must deal with her almost in-laws, who basically want to build a shrine for their late son and expect her to go along with it. But Tatum wants to scream. Part of the problem is that the two families still work and socialize together. She can’t avoid them when she’d prefer not to see them. Thanks to Bran, she gets the chance to get away—which means they spend alone time. Their attraction turns sizzling hot. But how will her father react to learning that she is involved with a client? Will learning the name of the mystery woman close out that part of her life?

The ending might surprise readers, but all is good. A beautiful and emotional tale don’t miss AN OFF-LIMITS MERGER.

Patti Fischer

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