Blackout Billionaires , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2685
ISBN: 978-1-335-60387-6
September 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Socialite Shay Neal isn't a spoiled rich girl who sits on her hands. Instead, she is helping less fortunate women achieve their dreams, and one night, Shay helps out one of these women by standing in for them as a server at a swanky party. Shay is in disguise because if her brother finds out what she's doing, he'll claim she is embarrassing the family. It is in this disguise that billionaire Gideon Knight sees Shay, and he instantly wants her. She tries to dissuade him, and might have been successful, but a sudden blackout leaves them alone in a room. Which soon leads to them having sex. The next morning, the electricity is back on and Shay is nowhere to be seen, much to Gideon's dismay. He shrugs it off, because he can't let this distract him from his goal of taking down his rival, Trevor Neal. Yes, Trevor is Shay's brother…

Of course, in Gideon's study of ways to strike at Trevor's vulnerability, he zeroes in on Shay…and starts pursuing her. There is something familiar about her, but it takes several times of their being together before he realizes that she is the hot woman he made love to on that night of the blackout. In the meantime, Gideon blackmails Shay with the information that she's been keeping from her brother, that she has created a business to help less advantaged women. Shay knows that if Trevor finds out about her venture, he'll step in and cut off the supply of money she's using to invest in it. Of course, maybe another reason she's willing to comply with Gideon's pressure is that she's attracted to him. She can't forget their hot night together.

Gideon's ties to Trevor run deep. They were schoolmates. Trevor is now engaged to Gideon's former fiancée. Yes, revenge is a big motive for both men in BLACK TIE BILLIONAIRE. Their rivalry has spanned years and now both think they have the other cornered. Who will win this “contest?” Will Shay be the innocent victim who loses everything?  BLACK TIE BILLIONAIRE is the second book in the Blackout Billionaires series that revolve around sexy liaisons that happened the night the lights went out in Chicago. Each tale can easily be read as a standalone.

There is an intense attraction between Shay and Gideon, and it gets even hotter between them the more they are together. Shay is not aware of his plans of revenge, nor her brother's plans to get even with his rival. As readers can see, in BLACK TIE BILLIONAIRE she is caught in the middle. Will the truth about it all come out? Find out the answers in the sizzling hot BLACK TIE BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer