Blackout Billionaires, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2714
ISBN: 978-1-335-20890-3
February 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago – Present Day

Nadia Jordan receives a call from her supervisor requesting that she deliver a replacement white shirt to him at a party he's currently attending. She arrives and is barely able to get into the exclusive party that is going on, but she does. While she's searching for her supervisor, she runs into the head of the company she works for, billionaire Grayson Chandler, in a deserted hallway. He doesn't recognize her, which is probably why there are sparks flying between them. As Grayson is trying to get out of Nadia as to why she's there, the lights go out, leaving them in darkness. One thing leads to another, and soon they're locking lips…and more.

Grayson is having a bad night. It's his party, but he just found out his mother is trying to hook him up with his ex-girlfriend—the one he dumped after he found out she was a gold digger. Also, his father is pressuring him to join him at the family company. Grayson escapes and encounters Nadia. After their hot time together, he wakes up to find himself alone. His Cinderella has disappeared. The following Monday he arrives at work, where he runs into Nadia. At the same time, his mother is back pressing him about going out with his ex, so he announces to everyone that he's engaged—to Nadia.

Nadia and her brother, Ezra, had a horrible childhood as they were raised by a mother who neglected them. Nadia basically raised her brother and will do anything to ensure his future. After Grayson drops his bombshell to his mother that he's engaged to Nadia, he privately offers her a lot of money to pretend to be engaged to him for four months. She initially turns him down—until Ezra's desire to go to an Ivy League school will only be possible if she has a ton of money. This forces her to accept Grayson's offer. But will she be able to keep secret her feelings for him?

Grayson is Nadia's Prince Charming to her Cinderella in BLAME IT ON THE BILLIONAIRE. He was the “spare” and not the “heir” to the family company, but all that changed six months ago when his brother died unexpectedly. This has amped up the pressure on him to “marry well,” even though he has no desire to ever walk down the aisle. He is attracted to Nadia, and things soon turn into more than a fling between them. But there are so many outside forces determined to break them up. Can they find a road to a happily-ever-after?

An engaging romance that will leave you smiling, be sure to pick up BLAME IT ON THE BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer