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Harlequin Desire #3B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45754-7
April 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Lenora “Nore” Daniels really needs the business for her event planning company after her ex-fiancée, James, conned her into selling part of the company to him and making him an officer. Once she has secured enough funds, she plans to buy it back from him as he is being insufferable to her and doesn’t actually do work. One night at an event, Nore meets Joaquin Iverson—and the two hit off so well that they end up having sex. A one-night stand with anyone is not her style, but she doesn’t regret it. However, Joaquin is soon in her office asking to hire her for an even bigger event—and he will pay a bigger fee due to the short notice of his request. Nore can hardly believe her luck. It might even be enough to buy out James. Then Nore learns that James and Joaquin are half-brothers…

It was an instant attraction for Nore and Joaquin in HER BEST KEPT SECRET but their shared connection to his brother may keep them apart. Joaquin’s mother loved James, her youngest son, more than her older son. She told Joaquin that his father was dead, but he learned otherwise. The bitterness of being raised by a cold woman left its mark. Meanwhile, James continues to think Joaquin owes him something, even if he doesn’t deserve anything, especially after a betrayal that involves Joaquin’s late wife. One can see why Joaquin finds it hard to love another woman, especially one with ties to James. 

Nore made a mistake getting involved with James. He was only using her to get what he wanted—her company and her money. Meeting Joaquin, she is instantly attracted to him but feels she isn’t in any position to pursue anything with him due to his being her client. When he arrives at her office and dangles an even bigger function for her company, what can she say? While she tries to stop thinking about going to bed with Joaquin again, she soon ends up not being able to resist him. Meanwhile, James is giving her a hard time about the gig. He hates Joaquin and cares only about himself. Will he come between them? James is a dastardly person who needs to be taken down. Will Joaquin be her knight in shining armor? 

HER BEST KEPT SECRET is filled with emotion and passion as Nore and Joaquin fall for each other. Will they deny the attraction? Can Joaquin come to terms with his past and can Nore shed herself of James? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of this sizzling tale. 

Patti Fischer

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