Dynasties: Seven Sins , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2733
ISBN: 978-1-335-20909-2
May 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Falling Brook – Present Day

Millionaire CEO Joshua Lowell has learned to never express emotion and it's served him well in running his company. Fifteen years ago, he took over the family empire after his father nearly destroyed it—along with the reputation of the family. Now a tenuous reporter, Sophie Armstrong, is pursuing him for his reaction after she learns some damning information about him—specifically that he's the father of a child he didn't know existed. Joshua will do whatever it takes to prove her wrong and to make sure her story never sees the light of day. But Sophie is persistent, and Joshua soon finds himself sexually attracted to her. Will he use his charms to seduce her and get her to reveal her secret sources?

Sophie has already been burned by one bad story and can't afford another. Her secret sources for the story she's writing on Joshua appears airtight, but he continues to deny it. As Sophie works to keep her sources secret and prove that the information is true, she's fighting an attraction to Joshua. When they're around each other, each glance and touch between them sizzles and sets off a storm of desire. Will they soon give into the passion?

RUTHLESS PRIDE is the first tale in the Seven Sins series and features the seven deadly sins retold as only a romance story can do. For Joshua, his is pride. He watched his father nearly destroy the family company. Joshua set aside his quest to pursue art as a career fifteen years ago to focus on rebuilding the company. He prides himself at being stellar and upstanding, so to have someone accuse him of fathering a child and walking away—this can't happen. Joshua badgers Sophie for more information, but she keeps the information on her sources close to the vest. Yet, as much as they haggle over the information, they begin to explore this mutual attraction.

Meanwhile, Joshua starts an investigation into the allegation brought up by Sophie. He has always been careful when it comes to his sexual partners, but did one of them not inform him that he'd accidentally fathered a child? He runs into Sophie at a party, and they soon are clicking like melted chocolate. Why not explore what's running hot between them? Once they make love, will one time be enough? In RUTHLESS PRIDE, can Joshua find the evidence that Sophie claims is true?

Passion erupts between a man dedicated to his business and a woman determined to prove she's right. Find out if love is the final answer in the passionate and searing RUTHLESS PRIDE.

Patti Fischer