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BIG EASY SECRETS – Kira Sinclair
Bad Billionaires, Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2934
ISBN: 978-1-335-58173-0
March 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Off the Gulf Coast of the United States – Present Day

Jameson Neally and Kinley Sullivan are computer hackers. Yes, they’ve done some illegal hacking, but they’ve also done it to help others. He has been tracking her for a while at the request of her half-brother, and it looks like he’s found her. Fifty million dollars are gone out of Kinley’s bank account, and she knows that Jameson, also known as the “Joker,” is the one who did it. It’s time for Kinley to confront the Joker to get her money back. Her life depends on it.

To Jameson’s surprise, Kinley shows up inside his compound one day in Tampa. He has the best security, but she somehow got past it. She demands her money be returned but admits that there are some bad guys after her. He challenges her to come with him on a sailing trip to New Orleans, where they can work together to get back her money. Jameson’s idea of sailing is an expensive yacht with all the luxuries. Clearly, hacking is lucrative. However, once out on the Gulf of Mexico, the yacht inexplicitly has engine trouble. Their trip is interrupted. But it gives time for Jameson to seduce his prey…

BIG EASY SECRETS can be best described as a unique romance that borders on suspense. While hacking can pay, it is also dangerous because if the wrong people are hacked, they will put out a hit on the hacker. In Kinley’s case, she knows she is treading dangerous territory, but can Jameson help extradite her out of her problems? They dance around each other like conniving animals, hoping to outsmart the other. Kinley underestimates Jameson, and he underestimates her. Readers will get a kick out of their game of cat and mouse. 

Except for the mostly hidden crew, Kinley and Jameson are alone. Readers will learn about their sad childhoods. His parents were killed when he was eleven, then he was sent to foster care. She was the product of an extramarital affair with a rich man, a man who refused to acknowledge her. Kinley’s mother later married a con man who exploited the child. Both Kinley and Jameson escaped their childhoods by hacking into computers to get what they want. It is for the thrill of it mostly and hasn’t been without its consequences. Now the two can work together to bring down the bad guys. Will they succeed?

An intriguing and sexy tale, BIG EASY SECRETS will hold a reader’s interest and have you wondering how it will all turn out. Enjoy the romance and the drama by grabbing a copy of BIG EASY SECRETS.

Patti Fischer

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