Bad Billionaires , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2760
ISBN: 978-1-335-20936-8
September 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Prodigal bad boy, Anderson Stone, has returned home after ten years in prison. Anderson pleaded guilty to the killing of a fellow Charleston society member, but no one knows what really happened that night—except the dead man's stepsister, Piper Blackburn. Anderson's parents are throwing a party, and he feels as though he's in a glass house. Everyone is gawking at him even as they try to avoid talking to him. Anderson is aware that Piper is also there, but so far, he has avoided her, until she finally tracks him down. There should be an awkwardness between them, yet both know that the truth about that night binds them together.

Piper has never forgotten about Anderson. He was her friend, the one she could turn to if she ever needed help. She wants to rekindle their prior friendship, but he rebuffs her. Despite what happened, her stepfather and his father have remained friends. Why can't Anderson and Piper do the same? But their appearance together causes a scandal, especially when it's implied that they are romantically involved. Thing is, Piper secretly wishes that were true. After the paparazzi start to hound her, Anderson suggests they leave town for a few days together, and they end up in the Caribbean. Will things soon turn romantic between them?

Piper and Anderson's relationship is complicated in THE REBEL'S REDEMPTION by Kira Sinclair. They have a shared past, one that is scandalous and seemingly forbidden, yet there is still that link between them. At the party, Piper is intent on talking to Anderson, trying to let him know that she wants to be his friend. She feels bad about what happened. While I won't reveal the spoiler about what went on between Anderson, Piper, and her stepbrother, it is pretty apparent. Piper also must deal with the paparazzi, who are looking for a juicy story about a scandalous affair between her and Anderson. Jetting off to the Caribbean, while done secretly, isn't exactly a way to keep their distance. Of course, they're soon making love. But can there be any chance for a future between them? That fateful night is a wedge hard to ignore.

THE REBEL'S REDEMPTION is full of emotion and, at times, darkness. Anderson doesn't want the truth to come out. His plan has and always will be to protect Piper. But is he only hurting himself in the process? He went to prison for ten years, and it has changed him. He went in a bad boy, but now he's a hardened man. This tale is part of the Bad Billionaires series and Anderson's two prison mates are mentioned briefly. Their stories will soon drop in this intriguing series.

Passion, guilt, and a scandal fill the pages of THE REBEL'S REDEMPTION. If you love a romance with a little bit of suspense, then don't miss this exciting book.

Patti Fischer