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Del Ray
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-593-4994-5
E-book ISBN: 978-0-593-429925-2
August 1, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Ryba Harbor, Alaska, and Europe – Present Day

After leaving her husband when he cheated on her, Helene Janssen goes to Ryba Harbor, Alaska to lick her wounds and to start that book that has been in her mind for as long as she can remember. One day she goes to a local bar and sees a group of crab fishermen come in. She sees a man and watches as he orders a drink. There is something familiar about him. Then she realizes – he is the character she has written about for years come to life.

Helene approaches him, and tastes honey wine on her lips. However, he rebuffs her. Helene is slightly embarrassed figuring that she made a big mistake, even though he looks just like the character she has written about. Sebastian Montague feels shocked that he found his Juliet, now Helene, again, but he can’t be with her. When he is with her it always ends in her death. He is sorry he was mean to her, but he’d rather have her safe without him than watch her die again.

Sebastian is a man that has been alive for centuries. He is Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, but Shakespeare got the ending wrong. He was the cause of Juliet’s death, and he has suffered from it. He does not understand what happened but ever since her death he has become immortal and keeps meeting Juliet reincarnated. He knows it is her, although she looks different, by the taste of honey wine on his lips. He would know his Juliet anywhere.

THE HUNDRED LOVES OF JULIET is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Sebastian is a compelling character. He has suffered from the loss of his Juliet over the centuries and has given up all hope that Helene will live. From drowning to being burned alive, Sebastian has tried to save Juliet through the years, and fails.

Helen believes the curse, as Sebastian calls it, and that the curse can be destroyed. Her optimism and determination to see her relationship with him through is a complement to Sebastian’s suffering. My favorite character is Sebastian. He loves Helene and would do anything for her and if that means leaving her, he will.

THE HUNDRED LOVES OF JULIET is a nice read. The central flaw to the story is that its premise, a completely romantic one, put in “real life” settings was problematic for me. I think of a lot of readers will enjoy the story.

Avis Yarborugh

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