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A Wild Coast Novel
ISBN: 978-1-335-44865-1
March 28, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Port Serenity, Alaska – Present Day

Carly Walters owns a bookstore in Port Serenity and is good friends with Oliver Klein and his daughter, Tess. Oliver is widowed, having lost his wife and oldest daughter after they had taken a sailboat out into the ocean—and never returned. With Carly by his side, Oliver has managed to get over his grief. He lives in a lighthouse owned by the town and gives tours, though he really doesn’t like people except for Carly. A new tourist director in town comes to Oliver and discusses turning the lighthouse and the property into a B & B with cabins being built to bring tourists into town. Oliver isn’t sure that he likes the idea, though he has no choice. 

Carly has grown to love Oliver but has bided her time waiting for his grief to be over and for him to look her way. Meanwhile, the town is buzzing about a fantasy romance book series that is selling lots of books. The series centers on Port Serenity and a mythical creature that lives in the water. The setting of Port Serenity is so real, as if the author has been there. Turns out, the author is Carly. She hasn’t told anyone that she is behind the books—or that it appears the journey of the sea creature is eerily like hers with Oliver. How will it end—for both? 

SECOND CHANCE ALASKA is set in a small town where they know everyone and where the town relies on tourists in the summer to bring in business. There isn’t a hotel in town right now, so turning the lighthouse into a place where visitors can stay seems logical. Oliver understands this, but the lighthouse has been his family’s home for decades. Add in that he hates having to usurp Tess’s home (and his) to move somewhere else, and readers can understand his reluctance.  Meanwhile, the new tourist director, Sebastian, appears to be getting cozy with Carly and Oliver’s jealousy rears its head. He suddenly realizes that he wants their friendship to turn into something more. Can he woo and win Carly? What he doesn’t know is that she feels the same about him.

Soon, Carly and Oliver are on the same page when it comes to romance between them. Tess is in favor and things seem to be going their way. But as readers probably figure, something will get in their way. Will it be the lighthouse move, or Carly’s secret career as a fantasy romance author? Or will it be something else? Their good-natured friendship is on full display in SECOND CHANCE ALASKA. It’s clear that they care for each other. Hopefully, it will lead to a future together. Will Carly’s secret be revealed to everyone in town, or just Oliver? How will it all end?

An entertaining and enjoyable romance set in Alaska, don’t miss SECOND CHANCE ALASKA.

Patti Fischer

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