The Embraced, Book 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-10825-8
April 2018
Fantasy Romance


Gwennore is one of five young women raised at a convent on the Isle of Moon. Each of them was born on one of the two days each year the two Aerthlan moons eclipse. They were sent to the Isle of Moon as infants and know nothing of their families or their pasts. They are the embraced.

Gwennore is in attendance at the palace for the celebration of her adopted sister's three-year-old daughter. Gwen would rather be at the convent, where she has only known love and acceptance, and not in the Kingdom of Eberon, where she fears her sister has plans at matchmaking. Gwen is not accepted in the Kingdom because she is an Elf. However, Gwen loves her adopted sisters from the Isle of Moon and adores the three-year-old Eviana and delights in spending time with her.

After being insulted by two noblemen because of her race, Gwen leaves the celebration and walks with Eviana to a meadow to pick flowers. Unfortunately, they are not alone and a dragon swoops down and snatches Eviana. Gwen grabs on to the dragon, refusing to let go and leave Eviana alone. Gwen loses her grip and plunges toward the ground, only to be swept up by a second dragon.

While being flown to God knows where, Gwen realizes she can hear the dragons talking to each other in her mind. She tries to talk to the dragon holding her and is shocked when he answers. Because he won't give her his name, she calls him Puff.

Once they reach their destination, the Mad Queen of Noveshka claims Eviana is her child and that Gwen is an elf assassin. Did I mention Gwennore is an Elf? Well, the Kingdom of Noveshka is at war with the Kingdom of Woodwyn, whose population is elves. General Silas Dravenko saves Gwen from being thrown in the dungeon by claiming he captured her some time ago, and she can be trusted. Gwen is insulted that General Gorgeous, I mean Dravenko, has besmirched her reputation, but since he is the only thing standing between her and the dungeon, she goes along with the story. And that's when the fun begins.

EIGHT RULES FOR DATING A DRAGON is a fun and delightful story. Gwennore is brave and courageous and beautiful, though she believes she is timid and unattractive. Silas is, as Gwen thinks, gorgeous. He's also honorable, brave and can read Gwen's every embarrassing thought. Neither Silas nor Gwen believes in the curse that has driven the Queen mad, but they do know something sinister is going on in the Kingdom. Gwen agrees to stay in Noveshka for one month to help Silas find out what is going on, as long as Eviania is returned to her parents immediately. The only problem is, Gwen is very afraid she is falling for the gorgeous General.

A Mad Queen, a 500-year-old curse, a sexy General and dragons… oh my. This is the third book in Ms. Sparks Embraced series , but it is not necessary to have read the previous novels to appreciate the wit, imagination and passion with which Ms. Sparks writes. I thoroughly enjoyed EIGHT RULES FOR DATING A DRAGON, and plan to read the previous novels as well. (HOW TO TAME A BEAST IN SEVEN DAYS and SO I MARRIED A SORCERER). I look forward to reading more from this author, and more books in this series.

For a completely engaging read I highly recommend EIGHT RULES FOR DATING A DRAGON!

Terrie Figueroa