FALLEN FIVE – Erica Spindler
The Lightkeepers Series , #3
Doubleshot Press
March 2018
Paranormal Suspense

New Orleans, Present Day

Micki “Mad Dog” Dare and Zach Harris are detectives with the New Orleans Police Department.  Micki and Zach are called out to investigate the apparent suicide of a millionaire developer, Thomas King, during the grand opening of his luxury hotel.  

On the surface this seems to be a simple suicide, but neither Miki or Zach believe there is anything simple going on.  While the death is ruled a suicide, Miki can't let it go, and Zach knows there is something dark and supernatural going on.

After Miki receives a package from her mentor who died six years before, she is convinced more than ever that this case is connected to a case from her past.  It will take all of Miki's dogged determination and Zach's paranormal abilities to put the puzzle pieces together before one of them is dead.

FALLEN FIVE is the third book in Ms. Spindler's paranormal suspense series  The Lightkeepers .  Lightkeepers are people with varying psychic abilities who live among humans to help and protect them.  Miki and Zach are complicated characters, and the chemistry between them is obvious, though neither is willing to act on their feelings for fear of jeopardizing their partnership and friendship.

There is a lot going on in FALLEN FIVE, and though it's not necessary to read the previous novels to enjoy FALLEN FIVE, if you haven't you will want to read what happened before.  A multi layered and riveting novel of paranormal suspense, I highly recommend FALLEN FIVE.  And I know I'll be picking up the previous novels to see how it all began.

Terrie Figueroa