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The Renaud Brothers , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #6A
ISBN; 978-1-335-45757-8
May 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Louisiana – Present Day

Television producer Cosima Lowell wants to produce a reality TV show about a family-owned distillery based in Louisiana. Remy Renaud and his family have gone from nothing to owning a business that’s attracting a lot of attention. Meeting Cosima in Los Angeles, they agree that her production company will start filming right away. She plans to be onsite, which means that she will be around Remy…again. But Remy apparently has no memory of bedding Cosima nine years ago for one wild weekend together. When will she tell him about knowing each other before…and that she ended up pregnant?

Remy was in an accident nine years ago that left him with spotty memory loss. Meanwhile, he’s continued to bed one woman after another, though he has gotten a little better since becoming a father to Emily. He and his brothers have worked hard to build their business and are ready to take it nationwide. Getting a reality TV deal is more his brother’s idea, but Remy will go along with it. Especially if it means getting to know Cosima better. Will he use his Cajun charm to get her into his bed?

Hollywood meets the Louisiana Bayou in BLUE BLOOD MEETS BLUE COLLAR. The sparks fly between Cosima and Remy when they meet in her Los Angeles office. Yet, both realize that getting involved while working together can’t have them distracted from the job at hand. Too much can be revealed when there are lots of people around. Yet, Remy and Cosima spend so much time around each other, they can’t deny the attraction. But Cosima wishes that Remy could remember their time together nine years ago because she really needs to discuss what happened afterward. 

Readers will get the sexual chemistry between Cosima and Remy, all the while wondering if he will remember her from his past, or if he won’t. They squabble off and on, mostly because he’d rather do his job at the distillery and not have to deal with the filming going on around him. Alas, his brother is pushing for this and it’s a great deal to promote the business. But it allows Remy the chance to get to know Cosima. When filming is done, she plans to return to Los Angeles, so a fling is right up his alley. Meanwhile, she gets to know Emily, even though the painful memories of what she lost nine years ago are amplified. As Remy and Cosima’s relationship goes back and forth, the big secret grows more of a huge barrier between them. Will she finally tell him the truth? Their lives are disparate and might make a future together hard. Will love win in the end? Find out the answer by picking up a copy of BLUE BLOOD MEETS BLUE COLLAR.

Patti Fischer

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