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The Renaud Brothers , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #12B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45763-9
July 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Bar Harbor, Maine – Present Day

Art gallery curator Shelby Llewellyn is desperate to get sculpturer Bastien Renaud to allow her family’s gallery to display some of his renowned pieces. For a year he has ignored her voicemails and emails, so Shelby makes the trek to the remote area of Maine where he resides. She spots him in a local bar, where at first, he ignores her, then just plain walks out on her after she approaches him. But she manages to get his address from a local—and it leads her right into a wild goose chase in the middle of a snowy nor’easter. It is Bastien who rescues Shelby—and takes her back to his remote cabin—where they are stranded. With one bed and a swirling snowstorm outside, they are forced to spend the night together.

Bastien is a loner and prefers not to interact with people, which is how he ended up in Maine, far from his family home in Louisiana. He and his brothers invented a popular beer, which led to a reality TV show that made them famous. But with the fame comes hordes of people who want him. Or, specifically, his sculptures. Shelby is attractive and Bastien is instantly attracted to her, but he realizes that getting involved with her is a big mistake. Her family is wealthy, and they want him to have an art show at their gallery. Yet, the desire to make love to her grows stronger the longer they are together. Before the night is over, Bastien is making passionate love to Shelby. But it is a big mistake. Even Shelby realizes this as she hightails it back to her home in California.

Shelby’s adoptive father doesn’t seem to take her seriously, and it only gets worse after he gets engaged to Sloan, who is close to Shelby’s age. As she tries to get his approval, Sloan treats her like an infantile. Getting Bastien and his sculptures for an art show at their gallery would be a coup and impress her father. But she failed—though they don’t realize it and start making plans for a show. This means Shelby needs to contact Bastien and let him know. Surprisingly, he agrees to come to California. Will they get a chance to reconnect?

Meeting again after their torrid night together, Shelby and Bastien realize that once wasn’t enough in the sizzling hot TRAPPED WITH TEMPTATION. He has avoided getting involved with women and Shelby becomes the exception to his rule. She needs her father’s approval, which is why she made the trek to Maine to track him down. But can there be anything for them in the future because he cannot change who he is, and her life is in California? The passion and emotion between Shelby and Bastien are as real as it’s hot. An intriguing and emotional tale, you don’t want to miss the drama by grabbing a copy of TRAPPED WITH TEMPTATION.

Patti Fischer

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