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Six Gems , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2922
ISBN: 978-1-335-58161-7
January 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

San Antonio, Texas – Present Day

Heiress Wynter Barrington has tried to set herself apart from her family by starting a travel blog that hopefully will soon earn her a profit. She returns home to San Antonio after the death of her beloved aunt, knowing she will have to face the criticism of her stuffy family because they disapprove of her work. At the funeral, her best girlfriends are there, as well as the brother of one of them, hotshot attorney Riley Davis. The will is read shortly after the funeral and it turns out that Wynter’s aunt left the bulk of her estate to Wynter, which infuriates her mother. A family fight ensues, and Wynter walks out. 

Wynter turns to Riley for help. Her mother has stated that she plans to not only contest the will but also files a restraining order to stop the estate from being distributed. This type of dispute isn’t Riley’s thing, so he refers her to another member of the law firm. However, he asks her out to dinner, where things soon end with them in bed together. Wynter is gone by morning, and Riley doesn’t see her again until he happens to run into her in Aspen, Colorado. It isn’t long before they’re resuming their hot affair. 

The chemistry sizzles between Wynter and Riley in HER BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER as they carry on a secret affair. Neither wants Riley’s sister to find out because it might cause friction. Riley isn’t the marrying type after he watched his parents’ marriage fall apart and his mother spiral deep into depression. Wynter is trying to build her career in travel blogging, which means that she travels extensively. After running into each other in Aspen, it gives Wynter and Riley the time to get to know each other. As she continues to battle her mother over control of her aunt’s estate, she soon discovers that she’s falling for Riley. Of course, her declaration of love only forces him to push her away. Will Wynter’s heart be broken?

HER BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER is the start of a new series by Yahrah St. John called Six Gems. It revolves around six girlfriends who are pursuing careers while looking for Mr. Right. Wynter loves hanging around her best friends as they meet up occasionally, such as in Barbados. Wynter’s aunt also left each of the women money in her will, but it is currently on hold due to the lawsuit. Riley’s sister, Shay, recently divorced, which only confirms his belief that he’s not cut out for marriage. Will Shay soon find the right Mr. Right? Stayed tuned. Will Wynter finally get what is due her from her aunt’s estate? Can Wynter and Riley find a way to be together…forever?

A sexy and enjoyable tale don’t miss HER BEST FRIEND’S BROTHER.

Patti Fischer

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