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Six Gems , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #10B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45761-5
July 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Raleigh, North Carolina – Present Day

Chef and restaurant owner Egypt Cox is too busy to date, but it doesn’t stop her from flirting with a stranger named Garrett one night in her restaurant. While leaving her establishment, he is attacked during a carjacking and ends up in the hospital in a coma. Waking up two months later, he does not remember who he is, and no one has reported him missing. Egypt, who has been worried about the man she only knows as Garrett and visited him daily in the hospital, fills him in on his name. Then he is contacted by a man who says his name is Garrett Walker and that he recently inherited a farm near Raleigh. 

Released from the hospital, Garrett settles at the farm and starts making changes/updates to the property. He also starts seeing Egypt, and the two click romantically. They soon embark on an affair and enjoy being together. Of course, all good things must come to an end. The discovery of Garrett’s past and who he is may change how they feel about each other. 

Readers know from the start exactly who Garrett is in HER SECRET BILLIONAIRE by Yahrah St. John. The intriguing part will be when both Garrett and Egypt realize the truth. It turns out he is the CEO of a billion-dollar corporation his family owns. His parents were not happy about his having inherited the farm and wanted him to sell it. He was in Raleigh to meet with the farm manager to see if the farm was profitable. Garrett has fond memories of his grandfather and being on the farm as a child. Now he is a man without memories and he’s building a new life as the owner and enjoying both farming and romancing Egypt. Her restaurant is only six months old, but she has built a nice reputation in Raleigh. She felt guilty about Garrett being injured near her restaurant as he was leaving, but he makes it clear that it isn’t her fault. As their friendship and romance continue, things get super-hot between them. 

While Egypt knew that Garrett would someday remember who he is, it was still a shock to learn that he was a billionaire. She came from nothing, and except for a nice little inheritance that she received to open her restaurant, she takes nothing for granted. But the more she’s around Garrett, the harder she’s falling for him. Things are going smoothly for them in HER SECRET BILLIONAIRE but it’s all about to explode around them, especially when Garrett’s parents learn about her. Let’s just say that a chef/restaurant owner isn’t the kind of future wife his parents envisioned for their only son. Part of the Six Gems series about six longtime girlfriends who get a lucky inheritance, readers only see the other five women briefly. 

A sizzling tale of amnesia and instant attraction don’t miss HER SECRET BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer

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