The Stewart Heirs , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2704
ISBN: 978-1-335-60406-4
December 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

After one disastrous public relations nightmare after another, world-famous actor Dane Stewart's agent suggests that he support a worthy cause that will create good publicity. The agent recommends that Dane takes up the case of a young boy who needs a bone marrow transplant. As part of the publicity campaign, Dane will get his bone marrow tested to see if he's a match for the boy. To everyone's surprise, he is. Then, the doctor privately speaks with Dane to inform him that it appears that he may be the father. A DNA test confirms it, and now, the mother, Iris Turner, who used an anonymous sperm donor (Dane) to conceive, must be told. Getting to know his son, Jayden, should be his priority, but Dane has to admit that Iris being part of the deal is a temptation he can't resist.

Single mother Iris has been at wit's end with Jayden being ill. She appreciates all that Dane has done for her and her son, but why is he showing more than a casual interest in her? She is not in his league, but it appears he's trying to woo her. After an accident years ago left her body disfigured, she isn't confident in attracting any man. Yet, Dane is hanging around, and soon the attraction that's built up between them can no longer be denied. Then, Iris learns the real connection between the three of them. How will this affect their lives?

As a struggling actor needing money years ago, Dane signed up at one of those sperm donor clinics and was called in once for a “donation.” He never thought about it again until his relationship with Jayden is revealed. Even before he found out, he'd been attracted to Iris. Now he has an excuse to hang around his son—and his son's mother. Meanwhile, Dane's agent is concerned that he's spending too much time being a new father than making money for them. How will the conflict between the two men affect Iris and Jayden?

There is obvious sizzling chemistry between Dane and Iris in RED CARPET REDEMPTION by Yahrah St. John, the third book in The Stewart Heirs series about the three Stewart siblings. While this tale can be read alone, the characters from prior books do appear from time to time. Coming up next in the series is a story that features one of the minor characters from this book.

An instant attraction seals the fate for Dane and Iris in RED CARPET REDEMPTION as the “sexiest man alive” finds the woman of his dreams and a son he didn't know existed. Will they find their way to a happily-ever-after? Find out the answer by picking up this book today.

Patti Fischer