The Stewart Heirs , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2736
ISBN: 978-1-335-20912-2
May 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Austin, Texas Present Day

At the wedding reception of Morgan Young's employer, Dane Stewart, she finally reveals the secret she has been carrying, that she's Dane's illegitimate half-sister. After confronting her father, Morgan is heartbroken to be rejected by the man. She ends up in the arms of bad boy billionaire Jared Robinson, who whisks her away from the reception. After drinking heavily, Morgan awakens the next morning in bed to discover that Jared didn't take advantage of her. She then decides to take the next step to claim her rightful place as one of the Stewarts by going to Texas.

Morgan arrives in Austin and once again attempts to force her father to acknowledge the truth. He doesn't, and later, just as she's about to reveal all to a tabloid journalist, Jared intercedes and offers her a better plan. If she pretends to be his fiancée, he will help her with her quest. As crazy as it sounds, Morgan accepts. Right from the start, there had been a simmering attraction between Jared and Morgan. How long will it take before they hit the sheets? Will her father finally accept her as his daughter?

Morgan had worked for Dane Stewart for a while, all the time knowing who her father was. It wasn't until the wedding that she was finally able to confront her father. It didn't go well, and a devastated Morgan had only one person to support her, Jared, who she'd just met. After they reconnect in Austin, Jared becomes a good friend offering Morgan support. He is experiencing a bit of a crisis himself. His oldest brother, Chris, has disappeared, supposedly running off with the stripper he got pregnant. This has forced Jared into running the family company. For a man who has spent most of his life being a playboy, becoming the CEO of a company puts a crimp into his lifestyle. His family is also pressuring him to settle down and marry, so Jared decides he needs a fake fiancée as soon as possible. Morgan is the perfect candidate.

Since the moment they met in SECRETS OF A FAKE FIANCEE, there has been sexual chemistry between Morgan and Jared. Once she agrees to be his fake fiancée, things really heat up. His family accepts her, and soon she's embarking on a whirlwind of family activities. Yet, beyond a few heated kisses, nothing more happens between them. That is, until a weekend at the family compound. Will they realize that the attraction between them can lead to love? Will Morgan finally get the acceptance she relishes from the Stewarts?

An interesting tale of a woman seeking her father and a man wanting to retain his bachelor lifestyle. Don't miss SECRETS OF A FAKE FIANCEE.

Patti Fischer