BIG CHANCE COWBOY – Teri Anne Stanley
Big Chance Dog Rescue – Book 1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-10: 1492674338
ISBN-13: 978-1492674337
August 2019
Contemporary Cowboy Romance

Big Chance, Texas – Present Day

In his last disastrous foray to find a drug dealing bomb builder in Afghanistan, Adam Collins's bomb-smelling dog, Tank, exhausted like the rest of the men in the unit, failed at his job. A bomb went off killing Tank and one man. Three others were badly injured, but Adam was uninjured—except for his mind—and blames himself for the failure. Nine months later he is back in Big Chance on his grandfather's ranch. A ranch where his grandfather had raised dogs, but not horses or cattle. Grandfather suffers from dementia and stays in town with Adam's sister Emma. Adam is isolated on the ranch that needs many repairs to the buildings, which is good as he hates encountering people. His body and mind, due to overwhelming PTSD, react in terrifying ways. He wants to fix the place up, sell it, give the proceeds to his sister to take care of Grandfather, and seek his greatest desire--to leave everyone and everything behind. The last thing he wants is to encounter the woman who has haunted his dreams for the last twelve years.

With nothing left for her in Houston, Lizzie Vanhook is returning to Big Chance. Lizzie isn't happy to have lost her job in Houston, but her demeaning former business partner and ex-fiancé had discarded her. She is glad to be rid of him, but he devastated her self-image. Her father has been diagnosed with cancer, and while he has a good prognosis for recovery, right now he needs her help to keep his realty business going. While traveling to Big Chance, a stop at a gas station changes everything for Lizzie. A huge dog climbs in the backseat of her car, and she can't get it out. Lizzie, finally feeling sorry for the mangy beast, decides to find it a home. Her mother hates having a dog in her house, so hearing her first love, Adam Collins, has returned and lives at his grandfather's ranch, Lizzie asks him to train the dog she has named D-Day. As with people, Adam wants nothing to do with any dog. He tells Lizzie he'll instruct her in how to train D-Day.

BIG CHANCE COWBOY is a story full of surprises. The small community is dwindling, and nefarious things are happening. Adam's wounded army buddies show up needing a place to stay, as do numerous abandoned dogs, plus he fights his must have Lizzie attraction knowing he isn't good for her. It is a story of second chances, recovery, and rediscovering a future. Readers will enjoy the characters who all show serious weaknesses and great strengths.

Robin Lee