HELL TO PAY - Wendy Corsi Staub
ISBN: 978-0-06-189508-1
October 2011

Present Day New York

Because everyone believes a criminal dies in an unusual earthquake that destroys a women's prison, no one knows there is a crazed killer on the loose. Not only is she murderous, but she also believes she is on a divine mission.

Jeremy and Lucy Cavalon have both escaped harrowing childhoods of abduction and abuse. Now happily married, they are expecting a child, but leery of a miscarriage as the two previous pregnancies have ended. When forced from their apartment, they take up residence in Jeremy's recently deceased, adoptive grandmother's apartment. They don't know that Sylvie's death was not an accident, or that the apartment contains hidden cameras so someone can see and hear everything they do.

Tragedy has plagued the Quinn, Walsh, and Cavalon families as told in SCARED TO DEATH and LIVE TO TELL. The evil continues in HELL TO PAY. If you have not read the previous two novels, you might have trouble following the characters' pasts in this volume. That will not impede the non-stop tension built from page one until the very last page. The three main characters are well portrayed and haunted by their respective pasts; especially Jeremy. He keeps recalling something he did that he doesn't want anyone to know. While Lucy also has bad memories from her past, her current nightmare is the possibility of losing another child. They are a loving couple.

The terror is very realóneither Jeremy nor Lucy is aware someone hunts them. The deranged maniac's shocking plans create gruesome scenes which will leave you tensely turning pages; don't expect a good night's sleep.

Robin Lee