A WWII Era Alternate History Novel
Abeel Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-7341159-0-1
March 2020

New York City, Washington D.C., Germany - 1940/1941

Imagine, if you can, a different outcome to World War II where Germany has taken over Europe, including Great Britain, Winston Churchill has had to move his government to Canada, Franklin Roosevelt has died, and pro-Hitler Charles Lindbergh is the new President of the United States. 

Twenty-two-year-old Sid Peskin, a graduate student in Physics at City College, worries about what is happening to his country. As a Jew, he is more than aware of the new President's alignment with Nazi Germany, knows of the far-right group that has been targeting Blacks and Jews on the New York City streets, and that the NYPD has done nothing to protect them. The mayor of the city, Fred Trump, is a staunch supporter of Lindbergh, so Sid is certain that things will only get worse. Sid is studying hard and utilizing the help of his mentor, Professor Strauss, and keeping his head down. Living with his doting parents and younger brother, Sid is also good friends with their former Italian neighbors, and it's Joey Falcone who gives him ominous warnings. Later, when Sid finds his mentor, Professor Strauss shot to death, he begins to realize that being a physicist these days could be dangerous. ,

Meanwhile, Hitler, who thinks Lindbergh is an idiot, but needs his loyalty, is making plans to use Lindbergh and other anti-Semite industrialists to bring the United States into his empire. Hitler demands that Lindbergh shut down the mostly Jewish-owned media, especially the New York Times. Unable to accomplish that legally, Lindbergh declares martial law, and Fred Trump's police move in to shut down any liberal newspapers or radio stations. Lindbergh has closeted himself with the FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, who is hardly someone who can be trusted by minorities.

Sid begins hearing startling reports that top physicists in the U.S. are disappearing. Enrico Fermi, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and others are nowhere to be found. Trying to understand where he stands, Sid finagles a meeting with one scientist who has not disappeared, Albert Einstein. Einstein is well aware of his phone being wire-tapped, and probably his home, too, so he speaks to Sid away from his house, and the warnings are chilling. 

ROCKET'S RED GLARE may be fiction, but the comparisons to the present day are fairly clear. Freedom of speech, religious freedom, and a growing threat from outsiders who want to bring down America are frightening parallels. Sid is the observer in this novel, bringing insight to readers. This novel will open a few eyes! Excellent writing, and great research. I highly recommend ROCKET'S RED GLARE.

Jani Brooks