The Chesapeake Diaries , Book 3
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-5011-5435-5
ISBN: 978-1-5011-5438-6 (eBook)
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

Cannonball Island, Chesapeake Bay the Present

Owen Parker has returned home to Cannonball Island. He is staying with his Great-Grandma Ruby, the 100-year-old owner of the island's General Store, while he waits for his boss to arrive. As a diver, Owen will help explore the possibility of a sunken ship on top of another sunken item at the mouth of the riverside of the island. The timing is good as his younger sister Lis is planning her wedding, and between her and helping Ruby, Owen keeps busy. He has been a rambling man not only in his running habit to keep fit, but also in his jobs in many locations around the world, including Alaska, Australia, and Costa Rica. He meets the new architect on the island while running and feels an unaccountable attraction to the woman beyond her beauty.

Cassidy Logan's father has bought up most of the vacant property on Cannonball Island, and Cassidy has to figure out how to renovate or build new homes for his housing project, including a dock for the new owners' boats. Many of the residents have left the island for economic reasons. She recently divorced her husband in an amicable end. He wanted to stay in the military. Cassie had had other plans which including having her man home. She is in no hurry to get involved with another man who doesn't want to stay in one place. A man like Owen.

Ruby Carter has second sight and knows Owen was brought back to the island for a reason and hope he acts on it. She is an interesting character with a strong sense of place and a unique voice. While Owen is interested in Cassidy, he also knows he needs to move carefully. He helps her with the problems inherent in her plans to renovate the island's properties. Problems occur between them, and other surprises brought to light do not increase their chances of a happy ever after. Great characters, beautiful setting, and an improbable relationship makes this a good read with descriptions that will literally transport the reader to Cannonball Island.

Robin Lee