Ace Security , Book 5
Montlake Romance
ISBN-13: 978-1-542-00805-1
September 2019
Military Romance

Castle Rock, Colorado

Sarah Butler is going to Rock Hard Gym for some protection classes from a man who has been stalking her. He sends her presents and cards, but the police won't do anything about it. She met him as his mother was dying in the hospital where

Sarah is a nursing assistant, but something about this man, who is apparently a little slow, disturbs her and scares her. She went to Ace Security but their prices for help were out of her reach, so they suggested some self-defense training from Cole Johnson. When she hears him complaining that he doesn't have time for her lesson she turns to leave. Sarah is not the type to start trouble; she'll leave quietly. After being in foster homes until the age of six and then being adopted by two gay men, who saved her and gave her an outstanding life, they also gave her a giving heart before they died.

Cole knows Sarah was sent from Ace Security, but as usual his big mouth and a partly open door has the woman seeking protection running from the gym. He hastily persuades her to come back and explain her situation and makes an appointment for a session. There's something sweet about Sarah that Cole has never met before, and he's anxious to date her and find out what it is.

Sarah starts lessons with Cole and explains some of her history to him, but can't believe a buff, tattooed hunk like him could be interested in plain old her. By the third date when Sarah believes a kiss should be allowed, Cole believes in the sweetness that is Sarah. But the stalker is still following her, and even with Ace Security's help, no one can find him or what is up with his fascination with Sarah.

Secondary characters are all the previous owners of Ace Security, and now their wives. Because of what happened to some of their wives, a woman's protection from a stalker is important to all of them.

Once again Susan Stoker has nailed an excellent story with the Ace Security gang, although they are in the background and Cole is the main character. Enjoy another chapter in the  Ace Security  series and see if Cole can keep Sarah safe from being kidnapped and lost to him forever.

Carolyn Crisher