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No Man is Her Master, Volume III
Merchant's Largesse Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-736-2439-2-6 (Paperback)
ISBN-10: 1-736-2436-2-6
August 2023

Historical Fiction

England and the Baltic Waters - 1310

Christina Kohl is not who she appears to be to the world. After her father and brother are killed in a battle with pirates, Christina assumes the identity of her brother, Frederick. She has been trained in battle skills by the best warriors, and someday she will wreak revenge on those who killed her family members. After being knighted by King Edward II of England for her bravery in fighting the Scots, Christina accepts the duty of escorting a noblewoman, Lady Cecily to take a position in Queen Isabella's court. When the two unexpectedly fall in love, life gets more complicated for Christina.

Katherine Volker, the young wife of an elderly, but very wealthy man in London, is spurned by the man she believes is Frederick, and she will get her revenge. Christina has no choice but to voyage to her home waters in the Baltic where she must confront her past, as well as the pirates who killed her father and brother. But is there more to this voyage? And what will happen while she is away from London? Can she and Cecily ever regain what they discovered in one another? 

The dangers in the Baltic waters put Christina and her crew to the ultimate test .  Pirates rule the waves there, and each voyage in their territory is fraught with treachery. But Christina will not let the past frighten her, she will deal with the danger as it comes. 

Volume III in the No Man is Her Master series, HER DANGEROUS JOURNEY HOME will be another trial of Christina's bravery, as well as affirm her love for her family and Cecily. Her steadfast devotion to those she has lost, as well as her bravery and warrior skills, will be greatly tested as she confronts her future. 

Brilliantly researched and with detailed historical references, HER DANGEROUS JOURNEY HOME is an amazing, and exciting tale. 

Jani Brooks

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