A Sunshine Creek Vineyard Novel
, Book 2
Avon Books
ISBN-13:  978-0-06-247184-0
February 2017
Contemporary Romance

Sunshine Creek Vineyard, Vancouver, Canada Present Day

Declan Kincade has built his financial investment and wealth management company in Southern California to new heights recently, and is even thinking of opening a Chicago office.  Recently, his mother and father died in a helicopter crash in Hawaii, and their vineyard is rapidly going under.  His oldest brother, Ryan, found out his father had been syphoning thousands of dollars away from the vineyard, but no one knows why.  His brothers and sister need him to come back and help put the vineyard in the black again, but how can he do that and keep his own obligations at his business.  Perhaps Brooke Hastings, his assistant, can be the go-between for a while.  But Brooke has a different idea; she'll go with him to Vancouver and work with him there.  Unfortunately, ever since his brother Jordan mentioned how hot Brooke is, Declan has a hard time keeping his mind off her at work.  He's not sure how taking her to the vineyard will work out; sometimes it's hard for him to concentrate around her.

Brooke knows she's essential to Declan and his business, as work is all he seems to know.  Just the chance to be with him at the vineyard excites her, especially when he agrees to drive there and enjoy the scenery along with way.  That's one thing Brooke has noticed about Declan, he has no idea how to enjoy anything outside the realm of business.  Brooke has survived much in her life, and if there's a slim chance to get Declan's attention, she's going to take it.  But when they are both staying in his grandparents' original house, things are sure to come to a head.

Declan's devotion to business comes about because at about ten years old he was diagnosed with dyslexia, something nobody in the family knew about but his parents.  While his brothers were out playing, he was painfully trying to make sense of the letters and numbers he struggled with.  It took time, and Declan got better, but he still has to concentrate more than anyone else at his work, and life has pretty much passed him by.  Brooke is determined to show Declan there are good times to be had, despite the rough childhood she went through and having to run away from home at fourteen.  If only the family can decide what to do with the vineyard and find out why so much money is missing from the accounts and where it went, then everyone can get back to their own lives.

Candis Terry once against introduces us to the Kincade family and the four brothers and one sister.  Confused after the death of their parents and finding the money gone from the winery, they are coming together to decide how to market it; a B&B? a resort? a hotel?  Should they have golf, wine tasting, just what target audience are they looking for?  Told from Declan's and Brooke's points of view, Declan has a hard time letting down his mask of work only and remembering some of the enjoyable parts of his childhood.  Brooke prefers to forget most of her childhood, except for the parts that have made her fearless.

Secondary characters are Declan's brothers Ryan, Jordan, Ethan, Parker, and his sister Nicole.  There is also an appearance by an unknown woman looking for their father that might have something to do with the mystery of the missing money.

PERFECT FOR YOU continues the Sunshine Creek Vineyard series following Jordan's story, A BETTER MAN (March 2016).  Declan is a lost soul looking for someone to help him enjoy life, and Brooke knows Declan has been the man for her for years. It's just been hard for him to look at her as more than an assistant.  The mystery continues over the family's missing money and what his father had been up to before his death.  PERFECT FOR YOU will solve one little part of the puzzle, and hopefully there will be follow-up stories for the other three brothers and their sister, Nicole.  An enjoyable reading experience is ahead if you grab PERFECT FOR YOU before it's off the shelves.

Carolyn Crisher