ISBN: 978-0-06-306984-8
July 12, 2022
Romantic Comedy

San Francisco & Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Cadence Lim and Matt Escanilla are competitive co-workers at a real estate firm in San Francisco and are undecided if they are friends or foes. She is about to leave on a two-week vacation to visit her elderly father and brother as they honor the four-year anniversary of her mother’s death. But Cadence’s employer insists that while she is in Los Angeles, she must work with Matt on wooing a rich investor to hire their company to help him purchase a piece of property. Since Matt has relatives in Los Angeles also, it will be a working vacation for both as they scout potential real estate locations and meet with the investor. They were supposed to have separate hotel rooms, but instead, they’re sharing a two-bedroom suite. Will the closeness bring the two together?

Cadence has a complicated relationship with her father and brother. She went away to school and later settled in San Francisco with a job she loves. Her mother had worked hard to support the family, and it eventually killed her, leaving a grieving family behind. Her father needs someone there to keep an eye on him, and it’s her brother who has taken on the responsibility. Cadence doesn’t feel like she is even wanted in her own family. Matt has a big family that includes lots of cousins. He feels sort of like an outlier because he isn’t married. But right now his big goal is to win this deal because it will lead to him being the favorite to land the chance of a lifetime: manage a new branch of the real estate company as they expand to Los Angeles.

Matt has always teased Cadence because she is serious about things. She is all work, though Matt himself has worked hard himself, she seems to be putting pressure on herself to succeed. The chance to work together on securing the contract of the rich investor wasn’t something either expected. Matt soon learns about a property at a good location, which would be perfect for what the man wants, but there’s a complication involved that involves Cadence and her father. How will he approach her and what will her reaction be? Meanwhile, living together in a hotel suite and sharing so much, leads to an attraction they didn’t expect—nor can resist.

CIRCLING BACK TO YOU is a fun and enjoyable tale of co-workers finding out how much they’re attracted to each other while working together. Yet, much like life, things are complicated between them. Matt really wants the job in Los Angeles, and for Cadence, it seems like it could be a good fit for her too if she wanted to transfer, but what about her relationship with her family? Along the way, she begins to see her father in a different light, even as she navigates their complicated relationship. As for Matt, he is still feeling pressure from his family to marry and settle down. How will they react when he shows up for a party with Cadence by his side? It was certainly one of the funniest scenes in this tale.

If you love a cute and funny tale taking place between co-workers, then CIRCLING BACK TO YOU will tickle your funny bone. Matt and Cadence are likable characters and readers will soon be rooting for them to make it to a happily-ever-after. Don’t miss this enjoyable tale.

Patti Fischer

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