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ISBN: 978-0-06-324519-8
November 7, 2023
Romantic Comedy

California – Present Day

Florist Elise Ngo has watched her three closest girlfriends fall in love and get engaged. Each of the brides has asked Elise to not only be a bridesmaid but to decorate their wedding venue with flowers. With her being the last single female of their group and no boyfriend, it’s natural that they want to see her with a steady boyfriend. Beth has even suggested her fiancé’s best friend, Ben, for a blind date, but Elise turned that down. One day while setting up the flowers for Rebecca’s wedding, a man starts yelling at her to not trespass. He thinks she is trying to crash the wedding since Rebecca’s mother is a politician and up for re-election. Elise assures him that she is the florist. Turns out the man is Ben Yu. Yes, the Ben that Beth suggested for a blind date, and he is Rebecca’s brother too. He will also be part of the wedding party.

Elise soon runs into Ben a lot and they are also tasked with planning Beth and Ethan’s wedding. Since it is on short notice, that means scrambling to find an available venue. One day, they end up in the middle of nowhere to check out a possible wedding spot, but a storm traps them for a night at the property. Elise and Ben have both a potential venue and a potential attraction with each other. Ben is involved in his mother’s re-election campaign and needs to keep a low profile. Elise doesn’t want it to get back to Rebecca that she is involved with her brother. They try to keep their burgeoning attraction a secret, but they don’t fool a few of their friends. The last thing Elise needs is for a scandal to scare away her business.

Neither Elise nor Ben was interested in a new relationship but their attraction for each other has them changing their minds in FANCY MEETING YOU HERE. They keep running into each other and soon realize the other isn’t as bad as they first thought. They take things slow and secret, though they still manage to spend some time together. Elise had always felt that she wasn’t lucky in love, so she put all her energy into starting up her business. Alas, things aren’t going well with her floristry business even if her friends are keeping her busy with their weddings. Ben has always dealt with his parents’ disapproval. He’d rather be running a restaurant kitchen than involved in his mother’s political career, but that is taken out of his hands with her upcoming tough re-election battle. 

FANCY MEETING YOU HERE is a cute, funny tale that highlights the highs and lows of weddings and all the planning that goes into them. Ben is prickly at first and Elise is one who prefers to be independent. But they soon win over each other. Their relationship is still growing and anything might happen to break them up. Here’s hoping Ben and Elise find a happily ever after. Don’t miss the fun in FANCY MEETING YOU HERE.

Patti Fischer

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