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MEET ME AT THE WEDDING – Georgia Toffolo
Meet Me In , Book 4
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-0008375942
July 18, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Hawke’s Cove, England – Present Day

Lily is the only one of her friends who still lives in Hawke’s Cove, but Victoria plans to marry her beau at Hawkesbury estate. The wedding is just around the corner but now the venue is in a holding pattern as the owner of the estate has passed away. The only heir, Henry Hawkesbury, has canceled all the scheduled events and laid off all the employees. Lily is in a panic as she was the wedding planner for her friend’s wedding, and she now doesn’t know what to do. Her only option is persuading Henry to at least allow Victoria’s wedding to proceed. Arriving at the estate, Henry greets Lily with threats about her being a thief. While Henry’s father ran the estate, Lily could do just about anything on the property because she was respected. Taking a few herbs from the garden shouldn’t be a crime. Now she is treated like an incompetent criminal. How will Lily be able to convince Henry to let Victoria’s wedding proceed?

There is a lot of history between Lily and Henry in MEET ME AT THE WEDDING. Namely, it revolves around an accident when both were eighteen years old and includes Lily’s three girlfriends and Henry’s girlfriend, who sadly, died in the accident. Henry always had a tempestuous relationship with his father that started around the time of his parents’ divorce. But the accident was the final straw, so Henry walked away from the Hawkesbury estate and financial support from his father. He has made a financial fortune off an app and doesn’t need the money from running the estate. In fact, he plans to sell it as soon as he can find a buyer, which is why he canceled the events and laid off the employees. After Lily pleads her case about letting Victoria’s wedding proceed, he finally agrees, but only if she helps him spruce up the place and show a couple around. What Henry doesn’t tell Lily is that he is planning to sell the estate—and the couple he wants her to show the place to is a prospective buyer. 

Lily and Henry dance a lot around each other in MEET ME AT THE WEDDING. She wants everything to be perfect for her best friend’s wedding, but Henry is proving to be a thorn in her side. Even after he finally agrees to let the wedding be held at the estate, he still hovers around Lily. He has no interest in running the winery after his blowup with his father, but she can see that he is only making the estate fail by ignoring it because the grapes are about to be ready for harvest. It doesn’t take long for Lily to figure out that he’s selling—and she is mad. But she gets it. Henry would rather be gallivanting off to his fancy homes in other countries and being with his fancy girlfriends. Staying in Hawke’s Cove would be a comedown for him. But for Lily, Hawke’s Cove is her home. As they circle around each other daring to criticize the other, sparks begin to fly. It had always been there when they were younger, but they never acted upon them. Now Lily and Henry are about to find out what happens when the sparks are lit. 

The romance is slow to build in MEET ME AT THE WEDDING, but readers will be satisfied with the ending. In the final book in the Meet Me In series, everyone, including Victoria and her groom, finds happiness. This is an emotional tale that will leave you smiling. 

Patti Fischer

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