AN EVERYDAY HERO – Laura Trentham
Heart of a Hero , Book 2
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250145550
February 2020
Contemporary Romance

Madison, Tennessee – Present Day

Greer Hadley had her heart set on a country-western music career, but the lack of job offers—and a failed romance—has her scurrying back to her hometown of Madison. She's living with her parents and getting into trouble, namely getting drunk in a bar and trashing it. She is ordered by the judge to do community service at a local center, where the director has her working with two people: a troubled teenage girl and a purple heart veteran who doesn't want to be around people. Greer has her work cut out for her. The girl, Ally, lost her father in military combat, while the mother is dealing with the loss by becoming a drug addict. Ally has also gotten into criminal mischief, so she and Greer are on common ground. Greer will be teaching Ally music lessons, but soon discovers the girl might have a gift for songwriting. But their relationship is tenuous. Can Greer get Ally to open up?

Meanwhile, the military vet is Emmett Lawson, a former classmate. Emmett once was the big man in town, but after losing one of his lower legs to injury while on a mission, he doesn't see himself as a whole man anymore. He's been keeping to himself, living in a cabin on his parents' ranch and looking like the hermit he has become. Greer's job is to interest him in music once again, but of course he rebuffs her. But she is determined because she truly wants to help Emmett. Her persistence soon pays off and they become friends. As they grow closer, a sexual attraction develops. Yet, with him wearing a prosthetic leg, he doesn't feel comfortable being that close to a woman.

AN EVERYDAY HERO will tug at a reader's heart as each character, Greer, Ally, and Emmett, are finding life nearly unbearable right now. After being rejected in Nashville, Greer is experiencing doubt that she can make music again. Ally thinks her life is going nowhere and that it's not fair that her dad isn't around. Emmett feels guilt that he survived the attack when his commanding officer died just a few feet away from him. Their journey in AN EVERYDAY HERO is one fraught with emotion and filled with learning about themselves as they finally find the path to a future. At first, Greer's interactions with Ally and Emmett are separate from each other, but late in this tale they finally cross paths. How will this happen and what will be the result?

AN EVERYDAY HERO is part of the Heart of a Hero series, but it is a standalone, as the first tale in the series, THE MILITARY WIFE, is only connected due to the fact of it containing a military vet. This tale is also a women's fiction novel but leans more heavily toward it being a romance. There are plenty of sex scenes that will have you fanning yourself a few times.

Fall in love and cry with the characters of AN EVERYDAY HERO. They are experiencing the lows of their life, but soon find happiness. Don't miss this compelling tale.

Patti Fischer