FORBIDDEN LOVERS – Kimberly Troutte
Plunder Cove , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2610
ISBN: 978-1-335-97170-8
August 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Plunder Cove, California – Present Day

Julia Espinoza and Matt Harper were teen lovers, but his parents' disapproval of their relationship caused them to send him away at the age of seventeen and he soon afterward entered the military service. Shortly thereafter, Julia received word that Matt had died, which meant she was unable to tell him that he was going to be a father. Ten years later, she is intrigued by a stranger who suddenly appears in town. He looks a lot like Matt…but he's dead, right? Then, to her surprise, the man reveals that he is indeed Matt and he is back to meet with his father and also wants to rekindle their affair. But Matt has big plans and isn't planning to stick around beyond this weekend. Will Julia tell Matt that he's a father to her young son, Henry?

Matt thinks Julia moved on quickly with another man after he left because she had Henry. The little boy also mentions that his mother loved his father, who died in Afghanistan which is interesting because Matt also did a tour of duty in that country. Matt doesn't put two and two together that he might be the boy's father. In FORBIDDEN LOVERS, readers wonder which will come first: Julia telling Matt the truth about Henry's paternity, or his figuring it out himself? Their reunion is both joyous and heart-wrenching. For so long Julia thought Matt was dead, but he's very much alive. Would things have turned out differently if she hadn't been told he was dead? As for Matt, his villainous father, RW, had claimed he had something about Julia's family that would destroy them unless Matt broke up with her and stayed away. But now, RW has called his family back to Plunder Cove. What is the old man up to?

Even before Julia realizes that the stranger in town is really Matt, she is feeling this sexual pull towards him. Their reunion is full of hot kisses and even hotter lovemaking. Julia feels a need to enjoy their brief time together because Matt is the only man she's ever loved and he's only there for a few days. But he is a changed man. He has plans to start an airline in Asia. Would Matt give up his dreams to remain in Plunder Cove with Julia?


FORBIDDEN LOVERS is the first book in the  Plunder Cove  series that revolves around the Harpers, a family that is rich and influential in a small town along the northern California coast. Besides Matt, there is his brother, Jeff, and his sister, Chloe. RW rules the family with an iron fist, but age and health have him rethinking his transgressions. Will he make trouble for Julia and Matt in FORBIDDEN LOVERS?


Reunited lovers are the foundation for FORBIDDEN LOVERS as Matt and Julia delight in getting to know each other again. A sizzling tale, don't miss this.


Patti Fischer