STAR-CROSSED SCANDAL - Kimberley Troutte
Plunder Cove , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2670
ISBN: 978-1-335-60372-2
June 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Plunder Cove, California, Present Day

Brazilian pop legend and music executive Nicolas Medeiros is invited to the Casa Larga Resort at Plunder Cove in order for him to consider it for a top songwriting reality competition show he produces. As the resort's activities director, Chloe Harper will be the one showing him around, and she couldn't be more thrilled to finally meet him. Nicolas had been a big teenage heartthrob when she was growing up and he's now shifted over to music producing. During their meeting, they hit it off, and Nicolas soon makes it clear that he wants to have sex with Chloe. Will she give in?

Nicolas has gone through women like cats shed hair. A fling with Chloe, while he's in Plunder Cove, will be just another diversion for him. But once he gets to know her, he discovers that she means more to him than any other woman has ever before. Chloe knows their days together are numbered, and she is trying hard not to let her love for him show. But is her love that of a teen crush, or is it a deeper one? Nicolas is an international star, while Chloe's roots are in Plunder Cove. Is there any chance of a future together for them?

Meanwhile, RW Harper, Chloe's father, begins a plan of action to get his beloved Angel back after she ran away rather than hurt him after her evil ex threatened them. RW wants her to be his wife, but she can't be free from her past unless he can help her. STAR-CROSSED SCANDAL appears to be the final book in the  Plunder Cove  series by Kimberly Troutte and RW and Angel's star-crossed story had been featured as a continuing sub-plot. Will they finally get their happily-ever-after?

Nicolas and Chloe get hot and heavy pretty early on in this sexy tale. Chloe's dreams are coming true when her teen crush comes on to her. Of course, they need to be discreet because he is, after all, an international star that the paparazzi stalk. Chloe figures a vacation fling will allow her to satisfy all these cravings she's had for him through the years, but one taste, and she's thoroughly hooked on Nicolas. She is, however, very much aware that he's a player and that he'll move on once his visit is over. In STAR-CROSSED SCANDAL, they get plenty of chances to act upon their lust for each other. Meanwhile, after a friend tells him something about Chloe, Nicolas begins to question her motives for being so accessible. Will it break them up? Can they plan on a future together?

The  Plunder Cove  series has focused on the Harper siblings and in STAR-CROSSED SCANDAL, Chloe gets her story told. She's always been attracted to Nicolas from afar, but now she gets a chance to live her dreams. Discover what happens in this sizzling hot tale and how the series ends.

Patti Fischer