Sourcebook Casablanca
ISBN-13:  1-492-64243-6
April 2018
Romantic Suspense (Shifters)

Chelan, Washington Present day

Five years ago, Army Ranger Sergeant Tanner Howland was in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan, with another group of Rangers, when a simple mission goes badly.  All his friends and fellow soldiers are killed but him and the other team leader Sergeant Ryan Westbrook.  Despite his injuries, Tanner lives, but ends up suffering from PTSD and becomes homeless after several years.  Then a crazed doctor, Mahsood, who is working in a mental institute and is experimenting on making shifters kidnaps Tanner and other homeless men and injects them with something that turns them into hybrid shifters; not true shifters, but not all human either.  He is about to get his second injection when Zarina Sokolov tries to save his life by injecting him with something that slows his heartbeat down and lets Dr. Mahsood believe he is dead, and Tanner is disposed of.

Zarina was undercover for the DOC, Department of Covert Operations, looking for Tanner, who she fell in love with when she was working for Dr. Mahsood.  Zarina and her group track Tanner to the Wenatchee National Forest, by Chelan, Washington.  Tanner is a lion shifter hybrid and lives in the woods by himself.  He is trying to come to terms with his hybrid shifter side that is hard for him to control, filled with fear that being around Zarina would make him unable to control himself and maybe kill her.  When Zarina finds him, they are immediately thrown together with some local preppers encamped close by, people preparing for the end times.  Tanner is surprised to find that two fellow homeless men who also received the shifter shots and were thought dead with him, are part of the prepper group.  Other preppers in the area are being attacked and some of the men are being kidnapped; who could be doing this, and does it have anything to do with Tanner?

The search to keep the preppers safe will tax everyone's strength; while back east Tate Evers, another member of the DOC, is called to Maine to check on the murder of someone who looked like it had been attacked by a wild animal, and yet the door was closed.  His story is that he is with Homeland Security investigating the case, but Deputy Chase York, a former Marine, doesn't quite believe that story as they start investigating.  Soon unbelievable things are happening, and Chase realizes this is no Homeland Security murder he is associated with.  Tate's last partner got transferred; he is kind of hoping with his good skills maybe Chase could get associated with the DOC, since after everything that is going on he is sure to get fired from the police department.

There are many secondary characters in the prepper camp, Congressman Rebecca Brannon, who gave funds for Dr. Mahsood to do his experiments, and even let her young daughter be experimented on.  Tanner's brother Cameron is a police officer and helps, even after many years of separation from Tanner.  Also, Tanner's fellow survivor in Afghanistan, Ryan Westbrook, makes an appearance, but not in a good way.

There is more going on in X-OPS EXPOSED that will have you going back and forth from Washington to Maine, trying to find the men behind the shifter experiments.  Definitely more bloody violence and scary situations will have you on the edge of your seat at all the different situations.  If you crave excitement and shifters X-OPS EXPOSED is for you!


Carolyn Crisher