RISKY PLAY – Rachel Van Dyken
Red Card , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1542043724
March 2019

Contemporary Romance

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico & Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Six months after literally being jilted at the altar, winery heiress Mackenzie (Mack) Dupont is flying to Mexico for the honeymoon trip that isn't being used. On the plane, she encounters a devastatingly handsome man. Mack figures she'll never see him again, but it turns out he is staying at the same exclusive resort she is. She gives him a fake name (she's a tad too well-known after her infamous jilting) and he tells her that his name is Hugo. One thing leads to another, and they're soon locking lips…and even more. After she gives him her virginity, Mack wakes up the next morning and discovers that her lover has made a hasty exit. Angered by his abandonment, Mack heads home to her family, and a few weeks later, to a temporary career as a household helper for an international soccer star. To her surprise—and utter embarrassment—her new job is with Hugo, only his real name is Slade Rodriguez

They hit it off in Mexico but once they meet again in Seattle, they clash in RISKY PLAY. Slade had recently broken up with his girlfriend after she cheated on him with another man, while Mack was still hurting over her ex-fiancé, who now has a new girlfriend. So, they both were on the rebound when they hooked up but decided to keep their real names secret to avoid even more notoriety. The sizzling attraction between Mack and Slade has things going fast for them. After saving her virginity for her ex, Alton, she doesn't think twice that Hugo/Slade is the one. He walks out while she's sleeping but the truth of the matter is that he received a call with bad news—his father was dead. After ignoring numerous calls from his father while he concentrated on wooing Mack, he is now racked with guilt to learn he died.

In RISKY PLAY, Mack is feisty after spending most of her life doing exactly what her wealthy parents wanted her to do, which included marrying Alton. Now she is ready to spread her wings, even if it's only going to be for a few weeks. Slade needs someone to take care of his dog while he's gone all day training and practicing with his new soccer team, the Seattle Sounders. When Slade opens his door and sees Mack, his first reaction is that his one-night stand has found him and wants to blackmail him. But Mack is just as shocked as he is to see him. Still reeling from his abandonment, Mack isn't happy to find out that he is her employer and would walk out, but she needs the job. Their relationship from that point on is a hilarious battle of the sexes. Both feel the other has to “prove themselves.” Will they get to the point that they can trust one another again?

A cute and funny book about a hookup that turns into more, RISKY PLAY will have readers chuckling while rooting for Mack and Slade to find their way back to each another. After being let down by others, they're struggling with trusting love again. But it turns out that they're each other's best bet. An engaging read that I highly recommend, pick up RISKY PLAY today.

Patti Fischer