Louisiana Legacies , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2711
ISBN: 978-1-335-20887-3
January 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana – Present Day

Rhett Brannon is hired to go undercover to investigate the lone heiress to a massive business empire. Trinity Hyatt married billionaire Michael Hyatt—and a week later he died in a helicopter accident, leaving his estate to her. Michael's relatives are suing Trinity, claiming she duped their nephew out of billions, and they want the will voided. There are already slanderous allegations floating around about Trinity's past. It's Rhett's job to get close to Trinity and ferret out the truth, though he's well aware that the family members who hired him want him to find juicy stuff—things that they can use against her. But once he gets to know her, he begins to turn the situation around. How can he use what he discovers to help her? Is Rhett falling for his target?

Trinity had known Michael for years, and when he asked her to marry him, she was marrying her best friend. She has her reasons for accepting his proposal—and I won't reveal why because that would be giving away spoilers. Trinity was raised in a woman's shelter home owned by Michael after her mother left Trinity's abusive father. Michael helped her become the woman she is today, but love? No, it was never that kind of love. But being around Rhett, she soon finds herself falling for him. Will she make a mistake around Rhett that ends up jeopardizing her future? Trinity knows that Michael's relatives have ulterior motives for wanting her out, and that it is not what Michael wanted. Can she uphold her husband's wishes?

ENTANGLED WITH THE HEIRESS takes place in the sultry city of New Orleans, and the sensual allure of the city has Rhett and Trinity falling in love with each other. He came to do a job finding dirt on her, but soon he found himself on her side. Trinity is truly a sweet, kind, and warmhearted individual, and she is facing a war on her character by those who only see dollar signs in their eyes. Rhett sided with the Hyatt family at first because of his own issues dealing with a gold digger in his past. But Trinity has him changing his mind. Because he ends up staying with her in the Hyatt Mansion, they spend a lot of time together, getting to know each other. Their romance builds slowly, and she begins to trust him. But will her trust in him explode in her face if he ends up betraying her?

A beautiful and emotional read that will have readers rooting for Trinity and Rhett to find love together, ENTANGLED WITH THE HEIRESS is a tale that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer