Louisiana Legacies , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2722
ISBN: 978-1-335-20898-9
March 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana – Present Day

Blake Boudreaux has been estranged from his abusive father for years, but after he learns that his seven-year-old half-sister has been left in the care of his father after her mother left them, he returns to New Orleans. His father is as mean as before and will only give in to Blake's request to turn over the custody of the child to him if he does something for him: steal a rare diamond ring back from the family of the woman who he was once engaged to. The offer is clear: Blake can't just walk up to the adult daughter of the now dead woman and ask for it. He must steal it from her. After doing some quick investigation, Blake decides the best way to do this is to seduce the daughter and gain access to her home.

Madison Armantine is the director of a domestic abuse center and attends many society events to help secure funding for it. At one of these events, she runs into Blake Boudreaux. He's charming and debonair—and shows an instant interest in Madison. He's persistent about dating her, and when she finally gives in, it isn't long before they're sharing an earthshattering kiss. Blake asks Madison a lot about her family, but rarely talks about himself. Why is he so interested in her?

There's a little bit of intrigue brewing in RECLAIMING HIS LEGACY by Dani Wade. Blake doesn't know for sure if Madison still has her mother's ring because an investigation of her and her family shows only a modest living style. The missing ring is worth millions. Add in that his father is taunting him while pressing him to find the ring, then Blake is up against a wall. His half-sister needs him (she has epilepsy), but if Madison discovers that he plans to steal the ring from her, then she will feel like she was being used by him. Yet, the more Blake gets to know Madison, the harder it becomes to actually follow through. What will he do?

Madison suspects there is more to Blake than a simple interest in her, but will she figure it out? After she learns of his sick half-sister, she wants to help him, which is understandable when you consider that she is compassionate towards others. What Madison doesn't know is that while Blake is sharing her bed, he's rising during the night to search her house. Meanwhile, Madison starts to read her mother's diary. Will she find out something there that can help Blake in his search—even unknowingly helping him?

RECLAIMING HIS LEGACY is the second book in the Louisiana Legacies series and you do catch a glimpse of the heroine from the first book, ENTANGLED WITH THE HEIRESS, but this one can easily be read as a standalone. It's an instant attraction that may be doomed from the beginning. Don't miss RECLAIMING HIS LEGACY.

Patti Fischer