Savannah Sisters , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2579
ISBN: 978-0-335-97139-5
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Savannah, Georgia – Present Day

Willow Harden arrives at the isolated mansion of elusive billionaire Tate Kingston, where she'll be working as his temporary housekeeper for three months. Things don't start off well, mainly because Tate wasn't involved in the hiring process and now thinks Willow is unfit for the job. Willow doesn't know why Tate keeps himself shut off from others, but she hopes he is locked in his suite long enough for her to secretly search for some evidence that will clear her family's name. The first night she's there, she ends up sleeping in his bed— platonically —after the roof over her room collapses during a storm. This closeness amplifies the attraction that has begun to grow between them. Soon she's wanting to spend more nights in his bed and doing more than sleeping. But how will she feel when she learns he's carrying dark secrets? How will he react when he realizes she's snooping around in the closed-off rooms despite being told not to?

Tate still lives with the guilt of his twin brother's death when they were children. It not only affected him, but his parents, and the family ended up being torn apart. Tate has put all his emotions and energy into writing and has built a bestselling writing career, but he keeps to himself. He doesn't even tell Willow who he really is even after she shows him one of his books (he writes under a pseudonym).  He also forbids her to enter certain rooms of the mansion, which only intensifies her quest to snoop because they just might hold the key to what she's looking for. Of course, if Tate catches Willow snooping, it might lead to some reprisals…

Willow lost her parents when she was young, and she and her two sisters moved in with her mother's best friend. The sisters are close and finding the answers to clear their family's name will surely make their future brighter. Willow's sister, Jasmine, has recently found love and a mate, and her story can be found in A FAMILY FOR A BILLIONAIRE, out now. But each tale in the Savannah Sisters  series can be read as a standalone, though we do get a hint on who the next book's couple will be.

TAMING THE BILLIONAIRE is almost a throwback to the dark gothics—an older mansion with secret rooms, a man who isolates himself, and a heroine who is determined to uncover the truth. Tate is the tortured hero and his pain will have you wanting to hug him. Willow is the perfect woman to help him find peace—and happiness. Grab a cup of tea and settle down for a while as you read the emotional and intriguing TAMING THE BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer