Texas Cattleman's Club: The Imposter , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2576
ISBN: 978-1-335-97136-4
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day  

Allison Cartwright needs a green card, or she'll be forced to return to Ireland, while millionaire Rand Gibson needs a wife to help land a business deal, so why not form a marital partnership? This is the outlandish offer presented to Allison by Rand and to her surprise, she agrees to marry him. Of course, they'll sign a prenuptial agreement, but there won't be anything stopping them from making love. Allison is aware that this is a purely business relationship, but what's going to stop her from falling in love with Rand?

Rand has a playboy reputation which he hasn't minded, but now the head of a company he wants to acquire makes noises that he prefers to sell to a married man. Rand has the pick of any woman, but he zeroes in on Allison, who he met at a funeral and instantly liked. She's pretty and congenial, plus needs something out of their marriage: a green card. A perfect business partnership, except Rand likes the marital benefits…a lot. Is Rand falling for Allison?

A business proposition turns into a marriage between Rand and Allison in A CONVENIENT TEXAS WEDDING. She came to the United States to join the man she thought was Will Sanders, only to learn she'd been duped by an imposter who now may be dead. She likes living in Texas and wants to stay, but ICE is threatening to deport her back to Ireland. Enter Rand and his outrageous proposal and a chance to remain. She'd be crazy to not accept it, even if it means entering into a “fake” marriage. What Allison didn't expect would be how much she loves being married to Rand.

While Rand is well into his thirties, he isn't looking for marriage and can't just enter into a temporary one that might prove a little too messy when he tries to untangle from it. Everything is cut and dried with Allison—until their intense passion for each other has both thinking about love. But Rand doesn't want to fall in love! Will he end up hurting Allision?

Part of the  Texas Cattleman's Club: The Imposter  series, A CONVENIENT TEXAS WEDDING can easily stand alone as much of the interaction is between Rand and Allison only. Will we ever learn what is going on with the fake Will Sanders and whose remains were in the urn? It certainly isn't Will's, as he walked into the funeral very much alive.

A marriage forged as a contract soon turns into something more. Will Allison and Rand get what they want? You'll need to read A CONVENIENT TEXAS WEDDING to find out the answer.

Patti Fischer