HOLLYWOOD EX FACTOR – Sheri Whitefeather
LA Women , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2808
ISBN: 978-1-335-23293-9
June 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles – Present Day

Actress Margot Jensen and her ex-husband, security expert Zeke Mitchell might be divorced, but they've carried on a friends-with-benefits relationship for years. But with her adoption of Liam, she feels it's time to end things so as to not confuse the little boy by having Zeke popping in and out of their lives. Besides, it's time to move on from their…whatever. But Zeke isn't happy about her calling it quits, and he soon proves to her that the desire between them still burns hot. Margot wants to resist Zeke and move on, but how can she when she still wants him?

Zeke is familiar with living in the shadow of a famous woman because his mother is a legendary actress. But he hated being forced to stand by Margot's side as her adoring fans and paparazzi ogled them. He wanted her to leave acting, but she refused, so they ended their marriage rather than continue to argue about it. Yet, it didn't stop the wanting, and obviously, the sex between them. Once Zeke has Margot back in his bed, it has him thinking. Should he work again on changing her mind, or is it time for him to change his?

In HOLLYWOOD EX FACTOR by Sheri Whitefeather, Margot and Zeke never got over each other and why they still can't get enough of each other in bed. Margot wants to put their marriage—and sex—behind them, though they will continue to remain friends because she is best friends with his sister. But being told “no sex!” is a slap in the face for Zeke and it makes him want her even more. The sexual chemistry is strong between them, and after he gets to know Liam, he can't stop coming around to see the boy…and Margot. Zeke knew early on that the Hollywood scene wasn't his style, but he wants Margot very much. Can he reconcile what he wants and needs?

Margot grew up as a child actress and is currently in a remake of one of her best-known roles. Acting is important to her, but will Zeke convince her that he is more important (besides Liam)? Why should she give in to him? Each day that Zeke spends with Liam only makes it harder to push him out of their lives. As he woos her back into his bed, will she finally give in, or will the breakup be that much more painful?

HOLLYWOOD EX FACTOR, is a sizzling and emotional tale set among the Hollywood elite, and readers will be pulled into the lives of Margot and Zeke. Clearly, they love each other, but can they make it work? Find out the answer by picking up HOLLYWOOD EX FACTOR today.

Patti Fischer