HOT NASHVILLE NIGHTS – Sheri Whitefeather
Daughters of Country , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2740
ISBN: 978-1-335-20916-0
June 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Nashville – Present Day

Five years ago, Spencer Riggs and Alice McKenzie had a blistering affair, but it ended because the timing wasn't right for either of them. Since then, Spencer has become one of country music's hottest songwriters. Alice is an up and coming fashion stylist and turning down an assignment to dress her former lover would only hurt her career. Alice takes a deep breath and shows up on Spencer's doorstep to start the assignment. The moment he opens the door, she realizes that it isn't over yet between them.

Spencer might be one of the industry's hottest stars—and could have his choice of any woman he wants—but he has chosen to remain celibate because he is harboring a secret: he's a recovering alcoholic. Spencer doesn't see himself worthy of Alice, but she's as beautiful and desirable as he remembers. The temptation of having her in his bed lures him once again. Will they resume their affair, and if so, can there be any chance of a future for them? After Spencer learns a secret about Alice's paternity, will keeping it from her destroy any chance of happiness with her?

Spencer and Alice's past is intertwined with each other and it's about to come full circle in HOT NASHVILLE NIGHTS by Sheri Whitefeather. They encountered one another five years ago and their instant attraction resulted in some hot passion between them. Yet, neither felt there was a future together, so they eventually drifted apart. But Alice hasn't forgotten him, just as he hasn't her. There is this feeling of unworthiness that keeps them from taking the final step…to love. Her mother was gypped out of song royalties by the great country singer Kirby Talbot, which leaves her resentful of the man even though he's finally admitted his mistake. Spencer has come to great fame writing for Kirby, and she doesn't know how she feels about his association with the man she hates.

Their reunion is awkward and painful at first. Spencer's alcohol addiction has been kept under wraps and it has left scars. It was he who broke off their relationship five years ago. Alice assumed it was because he tired of her. Will he finally tell her the truth? What about the secret of her paternity? It's going to take a lot to rebuild trust again because, for all the secrets between them, things could go wrong again.

HOT NASHVILLE NIGHTS is an emotion-filled romance set in the heart of country music. Will Spencer and Alice find their way back to each other and end up happily-ever-after? Be sure to pick up a copy to find out the answer.

Patti Fischer