NASHVILLE SECRETS Sheri Whitefeather
Sons of Country , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2650
ISBN: 978-1-335-60352-4
March 2019

Contemporary Series Romance

Nashville, Tennessee Present Day

In an act of revenge, Mary McKenzie plans to destroy famed lawyer Brandon Talbot. Years ago, Mary's mother got involved with Brandon's father, a famous country singer, and was outfoxed by the man, leaving her mother depressed and eventually dying. Mary's plan is to get involved with Brandon and embarrass his family. Meeting him works all too well and they hit it off. It isn't long before they're having an affair, but Mary begins to feel guilty because it turns out that Brandon is a nice guy. Will Mary abandon her plan and break off their affair before it goes any further?

Brandon doesn't usually fall so fast for a woman, but Mary is different. She's sweet and somewhat innocent, plus doesn't seem starstruck by his family's fame and wealth. As Brandon pushes Mary for more of a committed relationship, she continues to step back. Why is she reticent about making their arrangement more permanent? Will Brandon learn about Mary's plan, and if so, how will he react?

Mary has a big whopping secret she's keeping from Brandon in NASHVILLE SECRETS, the final tale in Sheri Whitefeather's series,  Sons of Country . It wasn't a coincidence that Mary happened to be at the park where Brandon was walking his dog that day. However, once they encountered each other, the sparks flew between them. Things moved fast from there and it later causes Mary to have second thoughts. Her sister, Alice, is part of the plan of revenge and encourages her to keep it up. Yet, neither realized it meant that Mary would end up in bed with Brandon, or that she'd fall in love with him. It isn't long before she is seriously thinking of ending things between them. Can she walk away? Will Brandon let her?

Brandon isn't the type to easily fall for a woman, so he is surprised at his reaction to Mary. He wants to bring her into his life, which means introducing her to his family. She is reluctant at first. Is it because his father and brother, who are both famous musicians, intimidate her? But Brandon is determined to make Mary part of his life. Is there a wedding for them in the future? While NASHVILLE SECRETS is part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

Readers know that Mary is playing a dangerous game keeping secrets from Brandon and that somehow it will all come out. See how it plays out in the intriguing NASHVILLE SECRETS.

Patti Fischer