Billionaire Brothers Club , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2495
ISBN: 978-0-373-83822-6
January 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Meagan Quinn just got out of prison after serving time for embezzlement and must pay back restitution, but no one would've guessed that she'd end up being hired by one of the companies she stole from. She will work in the horse stables at the hotel resort owned by billionaire Garrett Snow. Things may be awkward, but Meagan will do anything to make the wrong she did right. Meanwhile, she is getting to know her two-year-old daughter born while she was in prison and who has been in her brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law's custody. No one would blame Garrett if he'd be brusque with Meagan and try to avoid her, but instead sexual sparks fly between them.

Garrett hired Meagan at the insistence of his mother, who remembers meeting Meagan's late mother years ago. While he expects to not like her, he soon changes his mind, especially when he learns she did the stealing due to pressure from her now ex-boyfriend and took the fall for him in agreeing to plead guilty. Turns out Meagan is a sweet woman and one he's finding himself attracted to. It doesn't take long before they're kissing…and doing much more.

An unexpected romance develops between a former con and the man she stole from in SINGLE MOM, BILLIONAIRE BOSS by Sheri Whitefeather. Meagan's top priority is to provide for her daughter, Ivy, and that means making sure she pays off the debt she owes to Garrett and his two foster brothers after she stole money from them via the accounting firm she worked for. Meagan didn't steal the money for herself, but because her ex urged to do so in order to fund himself a better lifestyle. After he abandoned her, she realized she made a mistake in not implicating him, but by then it was too late. Now it's time to start her life—and Ivy's—over again.

Garrett is a businessman first, but he does have a soft spot when it comes to his mother's wishes. When she encourages him to hire Meagan, he agrees, faintly remembering her from a brief encounter they had three years ago. Now that she is free—out of jail and no boyfriend in sight—he can pursue the woman he once found attractive. Garrett uses excuses to be around Meagan, and the two immediately hit it off. Soon they're in an affair, but neither knows where it's headed. What would happen if Meagan's past comes back to bring reality to the blissfully happy family of Meagan, Garrett, and Ivy?

SINGLE MOM, BILLIONAIRE BOSS is the second book in the Billionaire Brothers Club series and could be read as a standalone, but the characters from the first book, WAKING UP WITH THE BOSS, do appear. Readers who love a story of love and redemption will surely enjoy the tender, yet sensual, SINGLE MOM, BILLIONAIRE BOSS.

Patti Fischer