WILD NASHVILLE WAYS – Sheri Whitefeather
Daughters of Country , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2747
ISBN: 978-1-335-20923-8
July 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Nashville, Tennessee – Present Day

Years ago, Dash and Tracy were in love and engaged, then her unplanned pregnancy—followed by a miscarriage—caused them to split. Dash had kept in contact with Tracy's father, and when the man needs cancer surgery, Dash shows up on the doorstep ready to help Tracy take care of her father. The feelings between them are still raw, but they are also still attracted to one another. It doesn't take long before Dash and Tracy are kissing. It is like an addictive drug that neither wants to give up. He wants to make love to her, while she doesn't want her heart broken—again. Tracy finally decides to have an affair with Dash, then end it if things get too emotional between them. Will it work?

Meanwhile, Dash has received a mysterious letter from someone who claims to be his mother, a woman who had walked out on him and his father when he was a child. Is it really her, or someone trying to get money out of him?

When Tracy and Dash first met, they were both up and coming country music singers, but her career soon took off. The pregnancy seemed to not only derail their romance, but her future in the music business due to her insecurities. What Tracy hasn't told Dash is that she learned recently that she has POF (premature ovarian failure), which means she will never get pregnant again. She feels like “half a woman” because she cannot give any man that she loves a baby. At the moment, Dash isn't thinking about babies, but he is thinking about how he can win Tracy again. But too much had gone on between them before to overlook the past.

WILD NASHVILLE WAYS is an emotional tale right from the start. Readers will feel Tracy's pain of losing her unborn child and then learning she can't have any more. She aches also for the love she once had for Dash. Can they recreate that magic in bed once more? There's certainly desire and passion still simmering between them. Dash isn't sure what to make about the letters from the woman claiming to be his mother. If she is indeed Lola, then should he open his home to her? He's a well-known and wealthy singer. Could she just be looking for a handout? Since Dash doesn't divulge to Tracy his concerns about his “mother,” readers suspect it will lead to a confrontation later in the book.

If you want your romance books to be filled with emotion, rekindled love, and a final, upbeat ending, then don't miss WILD NASHVILLE WAYS.

Patti Fischer