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William Morrow
ISBN: 9780063253513
October 17, 2023

Texas and New York State - Present Day

Brenda Malloy lives in Houston, Texas, is fresh off of a divorce, and struggling to get a children's novel published. She is also not a fan of Christmas for several reasons. The most recent was that a year ago, after rushing her beloved dog to an emergency veterinarian on Christmas Eve along with her husband, Tim, the dog survived the surgery, but the pair of women's undies that was removed were not Brenda's. These days Brenda volunteers for a canine rescue group that gathers up stray or abused dogs, and transports them to new homes in Avalon, New York. 

With the holiday season looming, Brenda is casually dating a new guy, although she's not sure he's "the one". There are no plans for Christmas celebrations as Brenda just doesn't "do" Christmas. But when the dog rescue group needs a second person to help with transport to New York, Brenda is asked to go along to help get the twelve dogs (taking her own boy, Tim along) to their new owners. It's an uneventful trip, despite her partner's Christmas music and decorations in the van, until they reach the outskirts of Avalon. Swerving to avoid hitting a deer, Brenda's friend ends up crashing the van in a snowstorm. While the dogs are okay, the driver is injured and hospitalized, and one of the paramedics who helped rescue them takes Brenda under his wing. 

Adam Bellamy, also divorced, is the father of a little boy, and also the owner of one of the transported dogs. He and Brenda set out to deliver all of the dogs to their new owners, and they fall into an easy friendship. With the van out of commission for a while, and Brenda's friend still hospitalized, it looks as though Brenda will have to put up with the very Christmas-oriented Avalon. Can Adam coax her out of her anti-Christmas funk?

THE TWELVE DOGS OF CHRISTMAS is a sweet story of healing hearts, a beautiful season, and some adorable dogs who think everyone should be happy. 

Jani Brooks

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