A Twilight, Texas Novel , Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-06-231146-7
November 2016
Contemporary Romance

Los Angeles, California & Twilight, Texas - One Year Ago and Present Day

In order to avoid overly concerned family at the holidays, Katie Cheeks swaps houses with a friend. Growing up, Katie was the ultimate ugly duckling, but turning into the swan was only half the battle; the last three weeks spent in L.A. have both helped her heal from her fiancé's death while also empowering her.  So when Katie runs into Ryder Southerland, her brother's best friend as well as her first crush, at a party, she decides the best way to end her time in L.A. is with a fling.

One year later Katie is still trying to convince herself that the one night stand with Ryder is as much in the past as her one-time crush on him.  It would be easier to leave all of those feeling behind her if they weren't about to be the best man and maid of honor in her brother's wedding.

Ryder Southerland has tried to accept that a relationship with Katie isn't possible, but he hasn't been able to forget her.  He'd also done his best to leave Twilight, Texas in his past as well, yet between his best friend's wedding and his step-mother's death, Ryder knows it's time to return home.  He's in for a few surprises when he returns home, though, the best of which is immediately finding Katie.  The chemistry between them is as hot as ever, but she's more settled in Twilight now, and Ryder still plans to return to L.A.

A WEDDING FOR CHRISTMAS is the latest book set in Twilight, Texas, a small town that celebrates Christmas like no other.  After her fiancé's death, the entire town was overflowing with sympathy for Katie, and she needed to get away from it for a while.  Running into Ryder inspires her to step outside of her comfort zone, but before the night is over, Katie knows it was a mistake her feelings for Ryder are stronger than what he could be feeling for her.  A year later she's about to face him again, and she's both excited and nervous.  For his part, Ryder never forgot his best friend's little sister or the somewhat inappropriate thoughts he had about the fifteen-year-old girl when he was eighteen.  He wasn't about to pass up the chance to spend more time with her in L.A., but he's surprised by her offer of a one-night stand.  Now that he's returning to Twilight, he keeps reliving their night together as well as how hurt he was to find her gone when he woke up.

Friends turned lovers get a second chance at a relationship in A WEDDING FOR CHRISTMAS.  Secondary characters include Katie's brother, Joe, and his fiancée, Gabi, from I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, as well as some of Katie's friends and family.  While part of the Twilight, Texas series, this book stands well on its own, and can be read as a stand-alone novel.  A fun, sexy romance, don't miss A WEDDING FOR CHRISTMAS.

Jennifer Bishop