Cupid, Texas , Book 6
Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-246825-3
April 2018
Contemporary Romance

Cupid, Texas – Present Day

Ember Alzate and Ranger Lockhart are best friends, able to anticipate each other's thoughts and needs. She has a reputation as a matchmaker, but she so far has failed at finding love for herself. Ranger comes home after spending months working in New Zealand and Ember thinks it's time that he finds a mate…and she's going to help him. She oversees filming a town promotional film and asks him to be the male lead and the “prospective bride” she's picked out for him will be the female lead. Not that she's told Ranger this last part! No matter how hard Ember tries, the woman she's trying to match with Ranger ends up attracted to another man.

Ember's Granny Blue says the women of Cupid, Texas will know who their life mate is when they hear a steady hum while kissing a man. Ember doesn't really think it's true, but after she is forced to stand in for the female lead in the movie and has to kiss Ranger, she hears a strange hum. This causes her to look at Ranger in a new light. Is he the one who is her one true love?

Lori Wilde returns readers to the small town of Cupid, Texas where's there's plenty of love going on in HOW THE COWBOY WAS WON. Ember accidentally fell into the unofficial job of matchmaker, but she just can't seem to find herself the perfect mate. With Ranger home for a bit, she decides to help him find his true love, but she's soon going crazy as her schemes to match him with the chosen woman fails. Ember is busy running around trying to fix everyone up that she doesn't realize that Ranger's perfect woman just might be her. He knows that he wants her, but he can't get her to look at him. Finally given the chance to kiss her, he takes full advantage, only to see her back away.

Ember just might be sabotaging herself in HOW THE COWBOY WAS WON because she lacks self-esteem. Ranger is attractive and could have any woman he wants, but it's Ember he loves. Can he get her to look at him? Will Ember take the plunge and go after Ranger even if she thinks she's not his type? In HOW THE COWBOY WAS WON there are a multitude of minor characters: Ranger's brothers and Ember's sister, as well as the friends and other colorful characters of Cupid. They all provide entertaining fun to this tale, but it's all about the romance between Ember and Ranger and readers should be able to read this as a standalone.

HOW THE COWBOY WAS WON is a funny and cute story that will entertain readers from the moment the first page is read. Ember is crazy at times, but she means well. Ranger only has eyes for her. Will they discover love and a future together in HOW THE COWBOY WAS WON? Grab a copy and sit down for a spell to find out the answer in this enjoyable tale.

Patti Fischer