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Twilight, Texas, Book 14
ISBN: 978-0063138032
October 24, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Twilight, Texas – Present Day

Noelle Curry arrives in Twilight to help plan the wedding of two sisters to two brothers as part of a television show. Noelle didn’t grow up in Twilight but made several visits when she was a child while her grandparents were alive. On her first night there, she runs into her teenage crush, Gil Thomas and her insides go squishy from remembering how she felt about him. It helps that he lives on the same property as the bed and breakfast where Noelle is staying, which means she sees him a lot. Gil is now a widowed father of a little girl and isn’t looking for a holiday romance. Noelle agrees on romance being off the table since she is under the microscope of her boss to make sure the wedding ceremony goes off without a problem. But there is no escaping their mutual attraction as she continually runs into Gil.

Gil remembers Noelle as the gawky teenager who popped in and out of town to visit her grandparents. His first priority is his daughter, who is suddenly having issues in school from bullies. Christmas is approaching, which means there are activities to be attended, and it makes sense to ask Noelle to join them since she is from out of town and because he is a nice guy. As they rekindle their long-ago friendship, an attraction develops. How can they avoid acting upon it if they are always around each other?

Noelle’s mother is an often-married actress who would dump her only child on her parents. Because she helped her mother plan all those weddings through the years, Noelle is good at wedding planning and got hooked up with a reality TV show. She has quickly become known as the wedding whisperer, so it’s no wonder that the sister brides called on her to plan their wedding and have it filmed for the show. Meanwhile, Noelle realizes that she is playing with fire—and her emotions—by being around Gil because she is growing more and more attracted to him each day. As the Christmas Eve wedding grows closer, Noelle is finding herself having to deal with issues, with plenty of pressure from her boss to not screw up, or she will be ostracized in the business. 

A fun romance that is the fourteenth installment in the Twilight, Texas series, THE CHRISTMAS BRIDES OF TWILIGHT is a standalone read even if you’ve never read the series before. While there are minor characters who pop in and out of scenes, the main focus is on Noelle and Gil and their burgeoning romance. Both understand that she will be leaving once the wedding is over, but they can’t help but enjoy a little hanky panky along the way—and hope his impressionable daughter doesn’t catch on. After all, there are no plans to make Noelle the newest Mrs. Gil Thomas. Unfortunately, things are not going smoothly for our couple. Will they be able to work out the angst and problems surrounding them?

Noelle discovers that she enjoys living in Twilight, but her career has to be number one right now. Gil must consider what is best for his daughter over getting involved with a woman who might flit in and out of their lives. Yet, as they fall in love, is there a way that they can figure out how to build a future together? There are plenty of sexy fun scenes and sparkling banter to help make THE CHRISTMAS BRIDES OF TWILIGHT a tale you won’t want to miss.

Patti Fischer

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