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Moonglow Cove, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-063-13590-1
March 21, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Moonglow Cove Bay, Texas – Present Day

It’s Samantha Ginelli’s wedding day and she’s marrying Luca Ginelli, the brother of her late husband Nick. Nick was lost at sea seven years ago, leaving behind his wife and baby daughter, Destiny. The court has just formally declared Nick dead. Samantha has had the support of her in-laws and her best friend, Piper, to help her get through her grief. About a year ago, Luca returned to Moonglow Cove Bay, and Samantha and Luca fell in love. Nick may have been her one true love, but Luca is making her happy.

The day starts out ominously as there are mishaps, such as the wrong flowers being delivered. Instead of wedding flowers, Samantha got funeral flowers. The minister couldn’t make it, so they had to find a replacement. Then a mishap with her wedding dress has her quickly changing into a different one—Samantha’s wedding gown from her marriage to Nick. But the ceremony and reception go off without any further hitches. Not even the Coast Guard boat blazing into the bay with some kind of emergency can stop the party. Luca and Samantha finally leave the reception and head to her house, where they will finally consummate their marriage. But before they can make love, a loud sound announces the arrival of someone. Turns out it is Nick, back from the dead.

Because of the blurb for the book, I knew what was coming in THE WEDDING AT MOONGLOW BAY. It did take a while to set it up as the wedding weekend proceeded for Samantha and Luca. It’s clear these two love one another, but Nick was her first love, the result of that “lightning strike” which happened between them when they first met in high school. Samantha was the new girl, a foster child brought into Piper’s family. Luca and Nick’s parents run an Italian restaurant where Samantha works. She feels loved by the Ginelli family and they will always be a part of her life due to Destiny, now seven years old. The return of Nick is a surprise. Yes, a pleasant one, but it also brings uncertainty. And Samantha must make a decision. Which man will she choose as her husband?

There is a lot of emotion in THE WEDDING AT MOONGLOW BAY. Readers will see and feel it. Samantha had finally moved on with her life after losing Nick. They had fought that day and, in his anger, Nick had gone out on his sailboat and ended up lost in a storm. She blames herself for what happened. Turns out that he landed on a deserted island and somehow managed to survive. Think about the movie Cast Away in regard to Nick. He has to reacclimatize himself to a world where people thought he was dead. Samantha has to get to know her husband all over again. In the background is Luca. He is willing to step aside and watch his brother reclaim Samantha again, while all the time, he resents that he has lost her…again.

Of course, things aren’t easy for Samantha, Nick, and Luca. While she is struggling with what to do, her friend Piper is offering moral support. There is also a YouTube media influencer tailing them because he wants exclusive footage about the woman with two husbands. But for Samantha, sometimes what seems like a clear path to happiness isn’t there. She sorts through her feelings for each brother and what is best for herself and Destiny. Will she make the right choices? By the end of THE WEDDING AT MOONGLOW BAY, readers will see which path she takes.

An emotional read that will keep you glued to the pages and wondering what will happen, THE WEDDING AT MOONGLOW BAY is a perfect weekend read. Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.

Patti Fischer

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