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Peachtree Cove series
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-43053-3
August 15, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Peachtree Cove, Georgia – Present Day

Dr. Imani Kemp was born and raised in Peachtree Cove but left town shortly after she turned eighteen due to the scandal that happened after her mother nearly died at the hands of her father’s mistress. One day, Imani gets a text from her mother announcing that she is getting married in a few weeks—to a man Imani has never heard of. After arranging with the hospital for the care of her patients, she rushes to Georgia to do whatever it takes to stop the wedding. Her mother, Linda, can’t seriously be thinking of marrying a man she barely knows. Imani’s father put Linda through the wringer with his various misdeeds and Linda doesn’t even date. Is the new man about to take advantage of her mom?

Imani arrives in town driving a rental car and spots the local Dairy Bar. Hungry for a corndog, she stops. She spots a good-looking man, and she wonders who he is. While putting mustard on her corndog, someone taps her on the shoulder, and she whips around—and squirts the strange man with mustard! She apologizes but he insists that she doesn’t have to pay to clean the shirt. Heading on to her mother’s house, Imani arrives, where Linda is there with her fiancé, Preston Dash. A few minutes later, a man identified as Preston’s son arrives. It’s the mustard man from the Dairy Bar! Imani is attracted to her mother’s soon-to-be stepson, Cyril Dash. 

Imani returns home with a plan to stop a wedding in THE SECRET TO A SOUTHERN WEDDING. She watched as a teenager as her mother was shot by her father’s mistress and supported her mother’s decision to divorce him. Imani is now a well-respected OB-GYN doctor in Tampa and was recently named “Doctor of the Year” at the hospital she works. But getting her mother’s life straightened out is her first priority, which means that while she tells her mother she is there to help plan the wedding, she’s really there to find dirt on the fiancé to expose him. If she’d met Cyril any other time Imani would be going out on dates with him. But he will be her future stepbrother and, in her mind, an adversary. There’s no denying the attraction she has for him, and he feels the same way. As it turns out, Linda and Preston are making excuses to throw Imani and Cyril together. It’s a plan for the two to get to know one another and become friends, but it’s leading them down a path of giving into their mutual desire! Meanwhile, Imani continues to try and find out more about Preston’s life before he came to Peachtree Cove a couple of years ago. What she finds out may surprise her. Turns out he was accused of murdering his wife! While he is innocent, what is the story and why did the police think he did it?

There is a lot going on in THE SECRET TO A SOUTHERN WEDDING and readers will enjoy the intriguing banter between the characters. Besides Imani, Cyril, Linda, and Preston, readers are also introduced to Imani’s best friends from childhood, Tracey, and Halle. She will need them to lean on at times as she struggles with her feelings and thoughts about Cyril and their parents’ upcoming nuptials. Imani is also struggling with her job in Tampa as she feels like she is not being listened to. Readers will wonder if she decides to move back home to Peachtree Cove. What if the bonus is dating Cyril? Will the wedding happen between Linda and Preston?

An entertaining and enjoyable tale, be sure not to miss THE SECRET TO A SOUTHERN WEDDING.

Patti Fischer

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