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ISBN: 978-0593638361
September 26, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Columbus, Ohio – Present Day

Laurel Grant works as the social media manager for a local tourism magazine and loves her job. She also writes a column about her life living on a farm with her husband and their two children. The problem is that Laurel isn’t married with children, nor does she live on a farm. That is her twin sister Holly’s life. But when Laurel did her job interview, her boss was enthusiastic about her pseudo-life, not knowing that she was the one who posted the pictures, etc., on her sister’s Instagram page. It’s almost Christmas and Laurel arrives at work to learn that her boss’s wife has left him, and he will be all alone for the holidays. Without knowing how she did it, Laurel invites Gilbert to the farm for a holiday dinner. Now she is scrambling on how to make sure that he doesn’t learn the truth.

Laurel’s twin sister suggests that the two do a switcheroo. Laurel will pretend to live at the farm with Holly’s two children and with a fill-in husband, plus Holly will cook the meals. After Laurel arrives, she learns to her horror as to who they brought in as the “husband.” It’s Max Beckett, a friend of the family and a man that Laurel hates. How in the world is she going to pretend for one day that she is married to that rascal? Well, things are a little rocky, but they manage to pull it off. Alas, when Gilbert goes to leave, they discover snow has fallen and the roads are impassable. He will be unable to leave. Everyone will have to spend the night under the same roof. Surely Laurel and Max can continue to pretend to be married for one night?

FAKING CHRISTMAS is a tale where everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Laurel didn’t intentionally lie to Gilbert when she interviewed for the job. He had checked out the Instagram page she made for the farm (she had listed it on her resume as an example of her work). He assumed she owned the farm, and the lies took off from there because she needed the job. Now she has to live the lies and try to prevent him from finding out. Luckily, her family and Max went along with the ruse but the snowstorm trapping them on the farm was not expected.

Why does Laurel dislike Max? It’s because she overheard him on his sister’s wedding day telling her now brother-in-law that he shouldn’t get married. Yet, everyone likes Max…except Laurel. In FAKING CHRISTMAS, they are given the time to really talk, and she learns the truth about his mindset that day. Meanwhile, Laurel provides readers with plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes as she tries and fails to pretend to be someone who knows how to cook, milk goats, and other things that are expected of someone living on the farm. Readers will surely laugh as Laurel slips up and fails. We know that Gilbert will soon learn the truth and we wonder how he will react. 

FAKING CHRISTMAS is a funny and cute romance that will tickle your fancy and keep you glued to the pages. Don’t miss this highly entertaining tale. 

Patti Fischer

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