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Graydon House
ISBN: ‎ 978-1-525-80496-0
May 9, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Austin, Texas – Present Day

Shy school librarian Alexis Stone hates letting loose, but after her ex said that she was boring, she decides to go to a bar to pick up a one-night stand. But before she and the guy she met at the bar can do the deed in a rented hotel room, the fire alarm goes off. After she twists her ankle, he carries her out of the hotel, where they are photographed. He then dashes away. The next day, Alexis learns that her mystery man was Logan Arthur, the gubernatorial candidate of Texas. Now a scandal—and crisis—has erupted in Logan’s campaign due to the photo. Alexis is brought to the campaign office and presented with a way to save both her and Logan’s reputations: pretend to be dating each other. 

They don’t know each other but Alexis and Logan are thrown together in THE BOYFRIEND CANDIDATE. While it has been a year since her ex ended things with her, she can’t forget his hateful words about being boring. Yes, she doesn’t like to get crazy and wild out in public, but she is a school librarian. The last thing she needs is to have her name and reputation shredded in the media. Logan is more concerned about winning the election and promises that all Alexis needs to do is follow his campaign manager’s orders. But this will mean that they appear at public events and act like they are dating. Is kissing part of the plan? Right now, things are kind of awkward between them. Will they ever get past the first night they met?

There are several comic moments as Alexis struggles to keep up with the plan as Logan’s girlfriend. She likes the guy, but he is formal around her. For most of THE BOYFRIEND CANDIDATE, there isn’t much time that they spend alone, which means they don’t get to explore the chemistry between them that started their first night. Alexis is reminded that she must not start another scandal, but when her sister sets her up with a new guy, what can she say? It means keeping the new relationship a secret. What happens when Logan finds out and the media discovers it? Will all hell break loose? Will it doom her friendship—and burgeoning romance—with both men? It soon turns out that Alexis likes Logan better. 

A fun romantic comedy that will give readers a smile or two, THE BOYFRIEND CANDIDATE takes you into the world of politics. Logan is the up-and-coming man of the moment, while Alexis would rather fade into the background. But it soon turns out that she is a star in the making. Can she get over her shyness in public? Will Logan and Alexis finally get a chance to explore their feelings for each other? Don’t miss the entertainment in THE BOYFRIEND CANDIDATE.

Patti Fischer

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