Texas Cattleman's Club: Heir Apparent , Book 2 |
Harlequin Desire #2791
ISBN: 978-1-335-23276-2
March 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

After being banished by her now ex-husband years ago, Sarabeth Edmond has returned to Royal to reconnect with her now adult children and meet her grandson. She's rented a cottage on Brett Harston's property, though the man is supposed to be away on his honeymoon, and she hasn't yet met him. One day, Brett returns home and spots the beautiful blonde—it's Sarabeth. Though there is a ten-year age difference between them, they hit it off. Brett didn't get married after all—he broke off the engagement the day before he was scheduled to marry his bride-to-be. Turns out, Sarabeth and Brett have something in common: they're the hottest topic of gossip in Royal right now.

Brett has a history of rescuing women after he failed to prevent his alcoholic mother from killing herself when he was barely eighteen. He's built a good life running his ranch and going from woman to woman, which invariably has him rescuing them. Sarabeth was in a failing marriage, and when she realized that it was over, her ex made her life so miserable that she gladly took the money he offered her on the condition that she did not contact their two children, Ross and Gina. Both kids are adults now, and Sarabeth wants to get to know them again.

In town, Sarabeth runs into some former friends who make snide remarks. Brett, in one of his rescuing moods, kisses her in front of everyone. The kiss is so good, that they decide later to go all the way in a secret affair. Sarabeth isn't planning on sticking around, which suits Brett fine. But the sex is so good between them that he hopes she can stay. Sarabeth, in the meantime, wonders if she should think about making a life in Royal to be near her children. Or maybe she's hoping her affair with Brett will be permanent?

There's a scandal brewing in Royal—and Brett and Sarabeth are at the center of it in AT THE RANCHER'S PLEASURE by Joss Wood.  Rusty Edmond is an evil and rascally man who isn't afraid to use blackmail to get what he wants. Right now, he doesn't want Sarabeth around because of her connection with their children. People in Royal think Sarabeth is looking for a new rich husband—and found it in Brett—but the truth is that she is wealthy herself after a company she founded after her divorce is sold for millions. She thinks the age difference between her and Brett would be too difficult to overcome because he deserves someone closer to his age who can provide him with children. Brett, meanwhile, has his own scandal to deal with. He is nicknamed the runaway groom after ditching his bride. Will this scandalous couple find a forever kind of love together?

Don't miss the sizzle and drama surrounding Sarabeth and Brett in AT THE RANCHER'S PLEASURE.

Patti Fischer